Things to Read Thursday - Amazing Photography Bloggers II - Linda Crayton & Max Wagner

My husband and I were married about five and a half years ago and we didn't have a wedding photographer. At the time, when I thought of wedding photography I pictured very posed, Owen Mills-type portraits, which can be beautiful, but not really my style. I wanted more of a photojournalist, capture-the-moment type vibe, so we put disposal cameras on every table and, honestly, I was pretty happy with how many of the photos came out. The downsides being that all the photos are less than one megapixel (i.e. no photos larger than 4x6) and none of them came out "just right" (if that makes sense). Well, as you probably know, in the last five years the world of photojournalist/creative/artistic wedding and portrait photography has exploded and there are several great photographers who specialize in never posing people in obvious ways. I admire many of them (and spend A LOT of time following their websites and blogs). But the BEST OF THE BEST, by far, are Linda Crayton and Max Wagner. So that's my introduction, let's get to the photos.


Linda Crayton is a local (DC area) photographer who simply amazes me. All of her photos have a very natural look, yet she always manages to get the perfect shot from the perfect angle with the perfect aperture. None of her shoots ever looks routine or cookie cutter, so when viewing her pictures you always feel as if you have a real sense of the family or couple. I regularly check her blog (which she updates frequently) for inspiration. I highly recommend it. And if you live in the area, I think a photoshoot with her would be beyond wonderful.


Max Wanger's photos are beyond creative, he has truly made wedding and portrait photography into an art form. I have no idea how someone can be that inventive day after day. Plus, I love the way he uses dream-like colors in his work. He updates his blog frequently, plus he sells beautiful screen printed t-shirts based on his photographs in addition to prints and postcards of his work.

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  1. sooo amazing. thanks for sharing these two incredible talents. until this moment, i don't think i ever really appreciated those new-born with mom and dad portraits or the pre-wedding getting ready pictures. Linda Crayton's photos are amazing -- there's nothing cheesy or overly sentimental about them. just delightful! And I can't believe how cool Max Wanger can make ordinary people and events appear. breathtaking.



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