Places to Go (Vacation) - Middleton Place (Charleston, SC)


Oh Monday. This weekend, actually all of last week, was overfull. Good things, but exhausting nonetheless.

In no particular order, we:
* Frolicked in Warhol's Silver Clouds.
* Playgrouped (thank you April!)
* Held our first garage sale (where I learned that underpricing things DOES NOT make them move faster).
* Attended an afternoon birthday party for one of P's friends and stayed until until 10:30 at night (I love our neighborhood).
* Cheered as P's team FINALLY won a soccer game (I know I know, the first grader teams don't keep score, but oh well, we kept score).
* Feasted on an amazing homemade brunch at the house of good friends (so so yummy).
* Slept in on Sunday morning (while the kids were at a sleepover).
* Spent LOTS of time "reading" this book on the couch.
* Discussed the fact that we eventually need to rid our house of the huge mulch pile occupying our driveway - any takers??
* Planned birthday party after birthday party ('tis the season).


The pics above are all from my trip a few weeks ago to Charleston, where we spent a drizzly morning touring Middleton Place - a crazy beautiful old plantation full of swamps and sculpture gardens. Alligators and farm animals. Amazing contrasts everywhere we looked. A wonderful place to visit (though the whole "fire ants" thing sort of freaks me out).


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