Things to Read - Two Fantastic Alphabet Books

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In my continuing attempt to teach T how to read, we've spent a lot of time checking out alphabet books from the library. Most start off fun enough, but 26 letters is a lot of letters. Usually, both T and I are crazy bored before we reach M. But these two books have kept us (miraculously) entertained for much of the winter. Magic, pure magic.

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SuperHero ABC - T loves this book. The superheros described are bizarre and often gross ("the Volanco vomits on villians"), but entertaining. We spend a lot of time discussing the merits and detriments of each lettered character and Z comes before we lose interest. Nice.

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Curious George Learns the Alphabet - Two weeks ago T found the "secret" Curious George corner at the library and since then the annoying monkey is all we read about. (On a total sidenote, what does it say about our culture when the most enduring children's books involve a monkey who f***s up a ton of sh** and then everyone tells him how great he is for trying to help make things better at the end? George is sort of like Banksy for children). Anyways, the Curious George alphabet book is pretty cool - every letter becomes an object or animal, some of which are quite creative.

And so go our days. What about everyone else? Any good alphabet books to recommend? We could use some more suggestions.


  1. Love that the second one focuses on lowercase letters too. We are having the hardest time convincing A. that small letters are the same as the bigger versions. She looks at us like we're crazy.

  2. Steve Martin wrote a really wacky ABC book for kids, you would appreciate!



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