Places to Go - Rocky Run Playground (Arlington, VA)


We have not adventured much since school and soccer began. When we do find some downtime, the kids all enjoy a quick trip to Rocky Run - one of Arlington's newer playgrounds. The huge climbing pyramid with a slide on top constitutes the park's biggest thrill, but the kids also love the bucket swing and hanging/spinning structure that I don't really know how to describe. Also, a preschool-aged playground is on site (though, sadly, no bathrooms). For additional information, click here to read the Meanest Mama's review.

For another Arlington playground with an (even larger) climbing tower, check out Tuckahoe (previously reviewed here). Also Fort Barnard now has a newly revamped playground. We haven't visited yet, but the Meanest Mama has good things to say (click here to read her review).

HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE? Where have you adventured lately?

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