Places to Go (Vacation) - On the Road Again - Spring Break in Chicago, Part II (downtown Chicago)

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After road tripping to the Chicago suburbs, we spent one night at my mom's house and then drove downtown to the Embassy Suites for a mini-vacation in the big city. Because tall buildings are fun ("mom, this is like New York, well sort of").

First stop - The Art Institute, rated the #1 museum in the world according to Trip Advisor (yay for Chicago!!). The Chagall stained glass wall and the miniature rooms fascinated the kids, just like they used to fascinate me when I was their age (nothing like a trip down memory lane).

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Lunch at the museum's restaurant. So. Much. Light. I could have stayed forever.

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We walked the bridgeway into Millennium Park. Actually, "ran" may be a more appropriate verb.

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I have no idea why the giant bean is so fascinating. But it really is so fascinating.

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For spring break, P REALLY wanted to shop at Claire's and see Cinderella. We spotted the Claire's on the cab ride back to the hotel and immediately jumped out because best friend necklaces and feather earrings are a necessity (or so I've been told).

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Just some shots of hotel room life. The crazy crowded and unnaturally blue pool was too insane to photograph (so. many. children), but the fantastic breakfast buffet coupled with the nightly happy hour made up for everything.

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Walk to the Italian Village for dinner. Loved watching T point out everything of interest (basically everything he saw).

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Crazy good meal at the Italian Village (who doesn't love a whole restaurant decorated like a foreign town?} Apparently my mom used to have date nights here with my dad, years ago. But this was my first meal at the Village.

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Night at the Chagall wall. Chicago is so cool.

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Loving these views.

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Another day, another museum. I practically lived at the Museum of Science and Industry as a kid. Almost nothing is the same now, but still fun to take the kids to one of my favorite places ever.

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The museum had a new exhibit called "the Maze", where you walk through this crazy mirrored world. It's really cool and if it weren't for the crowds, it could almost be scary. Finding your way in a mirrored in world proved much more difficult than expected. We spent a lot of time bumping into ourselves.

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P's second wish came true - Cinderella in the theaters (so. much. cheese.). I spent the rest of the trip telling everyone "have courage and be kind", but nobody ever listens to me. On the upside, the theater had a bar, as all theaters should.

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And, finally, on our last night, dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin at Pepe's (home of the stuffed nacho). I let the kids loose with my camera, not many shots came out, but they were really fun to sort through.

HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!! I'll post the final set of photos on Friday and then we'll return to ordinary life (and the beginning of soccer season).


  1. I love Chicago! It will be so cool to take my daughters there someday. I've been using the "have courage and be kind" line since we saw that movie, too. Has yet to work for me.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to take the kids but need luke to be older. I can NOT take him there right now. Chi-town will have to wait for the Logsdon Family. So glad you made the trip! Also, the Cinderella reference is spot on!

  3. Love this! Those were all my favorites places as a kid too. It is sad that the S&I is totally different, but my guys loved it just the same. Love the photos of your mom with the kids -- T is getting so big!

  4. Really, I just want you to follow me around and take pictures all the time. Would you please? (I will settle for the ones I finally managed to frame and hang). Thanks for sharing. Looks so fun.

  5. In my early 20's I gave some real and serious thought to moving to Chicago, I was so impressed with it after a visit to a dear family friend of my mom's. The only reason I didn't was b/c I didn't think this Hawaii girl could survive the winters! What a fun bunch o' stuff you guys did! You, and Danzel, I swear, you guys are so great at getting out and DOING and SEEING things!! I'm the worst. "HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND" ha ha ha ha! I want to start saying that to my kid too all the time now as well, ha! Fun trivia for the day - a friend of mine from Hawaii now lives in L.A. and did some production work on Game of Thrones and worked with that guy who plays the Prince - she said he's the nicest guy in the world! Like, NICEST. Isn't that cool?



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