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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Don't forget to check out this week's wonderful images on Cherish This Day.


* Feminists' favorite Mad Men moments.

* YES!! "Most of us will still have a family portrait taken from time to time. There is a place for those pictures. But even if you use your phone, I encourage you to give your children the gift of remembering who you really are. Messy house, love handles, tantrums, snotty noses, double chins, tears, all of it is your life. The life you chose. The life that makes you happy even though it is sometimes tedious and frustrating. The life that is not perfect like that family portrait. The only life you get. It may not be perfect, but it is beautiful." So excited to announce that this fabulous photographer is planning on taking our family photos this fall!

* I just started watching Empire and I have no idea why it took me so long. So so good.

* A webcomic about motherhood. funny.

* 21 books from the last five years that every female should read. I've read about half of these and liked most of them (esp. Beyond the Beautiful Forevers), I can't wait to check out the rest.

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  1. oh i'm so excited for you and your photos! there's an amazing film photog here in Seattle but she's kinda a small fortune now, so I haven't pulled the trigger on that. I'd love for her to do it though. Happy wkend to you and big XO!



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