Things to Make/Do - Coloring "India" With Fancy Markers

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Remember when we used to do craft projects all the time? I keep thinking about that and feeling guilty. A few weeks ago, I brought some of the old craft books out and tried to interest the kids, but instead they built forts and explored science projects and made videos on the ipad, all without me. I guess if you aim for free range, you get free range, even if sometimes you feel like bonding.

Part of me wants to think that all the projects during the early years helped nurture the creativity they all seem to have now. Just like part of me wants to think that I'm responsible for all of the good things they do and blame someone else for the bad. But truth is that they are kids, thus with or without me they would be still curious and explore. That's the definition of childhood, right?

Oh well, during a trip to Barnes and Noble, I picked up this India-themed coloring book and coolio paint tip markers (similar to these). Mainly because it was almost impossible not to buy a coloring book there - as the options are numerous, beautiful, and scattered throughout the store. And now, every morning, I see the girls and their friends coloring in the pages.

I'm not sure if this new hobby really equals any sort of creative leap, but it is peaceful and relaxing. And I like seeing their technicolor designs pop off the page. I keep telling myself I should join them, but then I end up reading something silly on facebook instead. So goes winter . . .

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  1. ha ha ha! girl, you're the best. i have the opposite situation, where- i'm proud of the cool stuff i see in my kid and feel like it comes right from my husband and am totally convinced all the crazy comes down a pipeline from me. oh well. i love this India book! We have the Enchanted Forest coloring book and it's been slow going - we pull it out every 2 months. I think I need to keep it out on the table, in ready reach.



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