Things to Do/Make - Everyday Advent Calendar (2016)

I know it's super dorky, but I love making these calendars. I keep thinking the kids will grow out of it, but I can't let go.



December 1 (Thursday) - Xmas jammies from Old Navy

2 (Friday) - Outburst (game)

3 (Saturday) - Movie night - Suicide Squad

4 (Sunday) - Fujifilm mini-camera with film


5 (Monday) - The Oregon Trail Card Game

6 (Tuesday) - Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls & The Boys' Book of Survival (I find it somewhat annoying that so many good books have become segregated by sex, so my hope is that all the kids will dive into both books.)

7 (Wednesday) - Georgetown Glow and dinner at Farmer, Fishers, and Bakers.

8 (Thursday) - Christmas tees. [Postscript - I AM SO ANNOYED! The tee-shirts never came, even though I ordered them in early November; luckily Amazon sells similar shirts, which I could buy at the last minute.]


9 (Friday) - Love Letter Card Game

10 (Saturday) - Movie night - Sound of Music or Home Alone

11 (Sunday) - Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights

12 (Monday) - Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes

13 (Tuesday) - Dinner and games at Dave & Buster's

14 (Wednesday) - Unbored Adventure: 70 Seriously Fun Activities for Kids and Their Families

15 (Thursday) - Candy

16 (Friday) - See Rogue 1 in theaters

17 (Saturday) - Make teacher's gifts

18 (Sunday) - Get donuts or cupcakes


19 (Monday) - Maze: Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle and How Do You Get an Egg into a Bottle?: And Other Puzzles: 101 Weird, Wonderful and Wacky Puzzles with Science, and Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

20 (Tuesday) - Movie night - April and the Extraordinary World

21 (Wednesday) - Family trip to the National Christmas Tree followed by dinner out

22 (Thursday) - Make cookies and ornaments

23 (Friday) - Movie night - It's a Wonderful Life

24 (Saturday) - New socks and slippers


  1. this is GREAT! I love how your Advent includes gifts, games, and activities. So clever. SO HAPPY to see you found that Women in Science book, isn't is FAB??!!! Saw that recently and I was like whoa, this is cool. Very cool women, very cool art. I'm gonna put it as a cool stuff book after the holidays! Ok I always look to you for games - Love Letter looks super fun.



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