Things to Make - A Miniature Christmas Tree


So remember the Xmas tree dilemma from this post? Well, in the end we opted to not put up a tree this year. Before you boo me as the worst mom ever, I must note (1) a few weeks ago the girls decorated my in-laws tree so they didn't miss out on the trimming experience and (2) we plan on spending Christmas morning with relatives, so the kids will still open gifts placed under a tree. And Santa's still coming.

Despite our lack of a huge evergreen, we couldn't go completely treeless, so the Shrinky Dinks Holiday Fun kit really came in handy (it's sold out at Amazon and B&N, but appears to be available here). The kit comes with all the materials needed to make a little silver tree (I did this part), plus little beads/ornaments that kids can thread onto the branches (P loved this part) and SEVERAL sheets of shrinky dinks to make into ornaments (as you might remember, F LOVES shrinky dinks). Due to the large number of sheets, this project lasted several days (as any good tree-decorating should). If you're looking for something fun to do with kids over the next few days, I highly recommend it.

On the topic of shrinky dink ornaments, a friend of mine had a great idea. She buys Grafix Ink Jet 8-1/2-Inch-by-11-Inch Shrink Film, 6-Sheet Pack, Clear and her daughter traces favorite Xmas characters and objects onto the film (using permanent marker). Then sandpaper, color (water acrylic paint or pencils), bake and voila - great homemade ornaments of any size. They're really cute.

Happy Monday Everyone! It's Xmas Craft Week on the blog (hence why I'm posting a Things to Make on a Monday) so check in Tuesday and Wednesday for more projects.

*Isn't this playroom beautiful? I want to play in it myself. I love the desinger's felt map as well.

*I think these russian doll measuring cups would be perfect for cooking with kids (or with adults for that matter).

*I can't stop listening to this song by Toro Y Moi. So catchy.

*Um, WOW! You have to look here.

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