Things to Read - Amazing Photography Blogs IV - Jonathan Levitt & Annette Pehrsson

A few months have passed since I last posted on Amazing Photography Bloggers (click here to see past posts), so today I thought I'd share some images from bloggers that I'm a little obsessed with lately. On his blog, Grassdoe, Jonathan Levitt posts incredible photos (presumably from his life in Maine), beautiful shots of the surrounding countryside and everyday items, every one of which makes you catch your breath for a second. They really have an almost majestic beauty to them - the colors, the light, the composition . . . just pure magic.

(Images above courtesy of http://Grassdoe.blogspot.com)

In the last few years, Annette Pehrsson has become an internet superhero, I continually run across her images on a variety of different blogs and publications. She definitely deserves all the hype - her photographs, many of which are self-portraits, have a dreamy surreal quality that isn't quite like anything else I've seen. Whenever people say "I just can't think of anything to take pictures of" I think of Pehrsson who can takes amazing photos in an almost empty room.

(Images above courtesy of http://blog.annettepehrsson.se/)



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