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I planned on a longer post for today, but I started reading The Hunger Games and I couldn't put it down (now I get what all the hype is about). Then T came home early from school with a high fever, poor little guy. So just a quick post on some of our newest easy after school activities.

* T likes to paint, but sometimes I can't deal with the mess (especially when cooking dinner), so I picked up this set of hassle free watercolors and though it's not perfect (the kids think of it more as a "cool marker set" than paint, so it doesn't really meet the need in the way I wanted) it comes in handy in a pinch.

* P loves these sticker Dover Little Activity Books Paper Dolls that sell for only $1.50 on Amazon. There's lots of different options to choose from - click here to check them out.

* Both the girls enjoy finding hidden pictures, so I purchased a few coloring books for them, P in particular likes the Fairy Tale Hidden Picture Coloring Book.

* I also bought the kids Color Your Own Modern Art Masterpieces , but they didn't really like it much. So I've been using it to work on my own "masterpieces", experimenting with different hues and shades.

* And, finally, we all can't get enough of Crayola Color Wonder Metallic Paper & Markers (thank you, Marina, for the suggestion).

I also think the following items look really fun. I may need to buy them soon. "Need" being loosely defined.

*MoMA Color Coloring Book

*I can't remember where I heard about Kaleidograph Flora but they look really fun.

*And I love these DIY fabric scrap paper dolls (templates included in link).

What are your newest art supplies and toys? I'd love to hear about them.

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  1. I haven't picked up Hunger Games yet, but everyone I know who has, has had the same reaction you've described - completely absorbing!



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