Places to Go - The National Arboretum - The National Bonsai and Penjing Museum (Washington DC)


As I mentioned yesterday, a few weeks ago the kids and I spent the day at the National Arboretum, where we visited the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum. In the past, I've avoided this part of the arboretum, as I equate bonsai with sculpture and T often wants to touch (ruin, destroy) sculptures. But I was feeling brave, so we gave the museum a try and none of us were disappointed. P ran in and immediately started yelling "mom, come quick, it's beautiful in here. everything is so so beautiful." T seemed enthralled as he walked back and forth over a tiny stone bridge (also the ropes succeeded in keeping him away from the bonsai, though he did want to pull/jump/attack the ropes themselves). And F just kept staring at everything, asking "how did they make the trees look like that?" It's all a little breathtaking.

The gardens are divided into three sections - (1) the Chinese Pavilion, (2) the Japanese Stroll Garden, and (3) the Yamaguchi Garden (featuring a variety of plants native to North America). Since two of our good friends just moved to China the kids really enjoyed seeing the Chinese gardens and talking about how we'd have to send Jim and Val pictures so they'd now know they didn't have to "travel so far to see pretty things."

The National Arboretum is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm. The bonsai collection is stroller accessible and right next to the koi garden (which kids love). For more information click here to enter the Arboretum's website.


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  1. You and your blog never cease to amaze me! I never knew there was a bonsai museum at the arboretum. Now I'm dying to go!



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