Places to Go - The National Arboretum - Fern Valley (Washington DC)


About a month ago, Not-So-SAHM posted on taking her kids to National Arboretum's Fern Valley and I immediately NEEDED to go there. We've been to Fern Valley before (click here for our previous post) but not for quite some time and spring seemed the perfect time to return. So when F had a day off school, we headed into the city.

Outdoor adventures with my kids are always unpredictable, some days they run and explore, taking in every detail; whereas other days everything beautiful seems to bore them. Luckily, this day all of us were on the same page. The kids immediately picked up sticks and headed for the small creek - "fishing" in its waters and searching for treasures (T can spend hours drawing in mud with a stick). From there on out they ran and ran, stopping every once in awhile to play ring around the rosie with T. Now that F can read all the signs, she couldn't wait to inform us about the different plants. There weren't even any fights or squabbles. Like magic.

Then F had to go to the bathroom . . . so from here we headed to the Bonsai Gardens (more on the Bonsai tomorrow).

If you're interested, the National Arboretum is free and open from 8 am to 5pm every day of the week. The total acreage is large (bigger than NYC's Central Park) so I suggest budgeting a few days if you want to see the whole thing. Some parts are more stroller friendly than others. Fern Valley's dirt paths are bumpy and there are stairs, but alternate paths around the stairs are available. Click here for more information.


The knobby knees are pretty fascinating. They almost make me want to start looking for warlocks and fairies, as if everything is not quite real.

hands copy

The kids are addicted to the song Dynamite, thus we keep throwing our hands in the air.

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  1. isn't is so nice when they all get along? love it, taio cruz included.



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