Things to Do/Buy - Sock Panda (February 2017)

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I haven't posted on the awesomeness that is Sock Panda for awhile now, even though F continues to love getting her new, crazy socks in the mail. Honestly, one of the best gifts ever for a tween. And the socks continue to be both random and funny.

For more info, check out their website here. Sock Panda donates socks to those in need for every subscription purchased.


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Things to Do - Project 52, Weeks 3 & 4

I know people complain about how they have no photos of the third kid, but, in my experience, the exact opposite has occurred. The girls seem to need a lot of private time lately (with their bedroom door closed and locked), whereas T and his friends tolerate my presence while they shoot nerf bullets at each other.

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(1) Coco on the way to the dog park; (2) Self-portrait with T as he cleans up his nerf bullets; (3) Family hike; (4) P and Elizabeth Banks at the Smithsonian American Art Museum; (5) T, taking up the hallway; (6) A normal morning, with the boys on the couch and a flute in the background; (7) T's "crew"; (8) Another warm night at the playground; (9) Grandparent dance party; (10) The Women's March

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(1) The preschool hallway; (2) My bored 2nd grader; (3) The playground after school as the boys hid from my camera (see their legs?); (4) Nerf gun still life; (5) Even my bookworm doesn't seem to read books lately; (6) Portrait of a happy Thursday (with random light saber included); (7) After school fort building with some sibling rivalry


Things to Make - A Valentine's Photo Collage from Pinhole Press (and an Important Lesson About Spelling)

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Dan always asks me to print more of my photos, but I never rise to the occasion. I have trouble deciding what sizes to purchase or how/when/where to frame. In the past, in order to save money, I purchased frames from Ikea, but they keep falling off the walls (which is probably due to my poor hanging skills).

So I was quite smitten when I saw the framed photo collages on Pinhole Press's website (click here to check them out). And the fact that you can personalize one made it the perfect Valentine's Day gift for Dan. Since I leave everything to the last minute, I quickly found some of my favorite photos, finalized the collage, and hit the checkout button within moments of the shipping deadline (yay me!).

Did I mention I did this all quickly?

As much as I yell at my kids to CHECK their homework, I forgot to check my own. So instead of winning in 2017, we're "wining."

On the upside, when P's friend asked me if I just made wine drinking into a verb, I could respond, "yes, Mira, yes I did." And we do drink a lot of wine.

So maybe this version was meant to be. Because (if you haven't noticed) I love to make up words. And wining might be my best one yet.


** Note - The collage was provided by Pinhole Press, but the spelling mistakes are entirely my own (as are all opinions expressed).


Things to Do - Watch My Kids Grow Up

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I take literally (in the original sense) thousands of photos a week (my poor children). And I had no real expectations of the photo above, which was one of hundreds I shot in the last 30 minutes or so of daylight. But after the kids went to bed and I started editing some of the week's photos, I came across this picture and it made me catch my breath. She looks so OLD!

Lately, I find that little things often catch me off guard. Does anyone else with tweens feel the same way? Every day I'm so caught in the middle of it - fights over sleepovers, homework, GOING TO BED! - that weeks often go by where I fail to notice how quickly things change.

At the Women's March, I said to F, "It's going to be hard for you to see the screen, so I'll try to pick you up, even though you're heavier now, so I don't think I can carry you for very long." And she replied, "Um, mom, I'm the same height as you, I can see whatever you see." And I know that. I see that every day. But there's still this disconnect - while looking my daughter in the eye, I'm still thinking of her as someone who is much shorter than me. It makes no sense. But there it is. It's like she's both big and little at the same time.

As a teenager, I remember watching a car commercial with my mom, in which a father is teaching his daughter to drive. Rather than showing a teenage girl, the commercial features a small child in the driver's seat - it isn't until the end that you realize that the man sees a kid, despite the fact that a 16 year old is next to him. And my mom said, "it seems crazy, but it's true. that's how parenting is." And I thought that was ridiculous.

But it is true. How odd and sad and wonderful all at the same time.


Things to Do - Random Links & 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime

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These crazy warm February days are confusing me. It does seem like, rather than winter, we're having one long spring. I'm not a huge fan of cold, but I must admit, I miss snow. How odd.

Have a great weekend everyone! And don't forget to check out this week's awesome on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime!


* Have you read the most popular book from the year you were born?

* 25 famous women on their mentors.

* Stranger Things (totally different from the TV show, but still pretty amazing).

* 8 Empowering middles school novels for kids interested in social justice.

* February tv preview.

* Women Photograph - LOVE LOVE LOVE this website!

* I recently blogged some family photo shoots and weddings over on my professional blog.

* Advice to a younger self.


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