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This week was full of soccer practice and homework. How was your week?

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* Julie Blackmon continues to amaze and amuse me.

* I really want to visit this local "secret".

* NPR's SXSW playlist.

* It's amazing how creative this guy can be with a pen cap. And a fortune cookie. And pieces of popcorn.

* This book sounds good. And I really want to see this movie.

* Have you seen these wedding photos? I now dream of visiting Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats (link via A Cup of Jo).

* This Washington Post travel article is making me dream of Rio - secluded beaches, mountain hikes = wonderfulness. And after I check out Rio, I really want to see these hanging flower garden art displays in Japan. And then I'll stop by Kansas because this roadtrip of randomness looks awesome (who doesn't love really big rocks and crazy statues)?

* I read an article describing Enchanted Forest as a coloring book for adults. I think I might buy myself a copy (serenity now). Maybe I can convince all three kids to work on it with me.


Things to Watch - Netflixing (March 2015)


The arrival of spring has caused our TV consumption to decrease somewhat, but we all fell in love with How the States Got Their Shapes. Have you seen it? The show is basically a quirky history lesson full of random facts. We all learned a ton. And laughed a lot. Even T kept asking to watching more and more episodes.

Dan also watched the original True Grit with T, who is super into old westerns lately. And a friend recommended Earth to Echo, which we plan on watching soon.


All three kids are obsessed with the movie Holes, watching it over and over. T also really likes Slugterra, which involves hundreds of animated slugs (why?). And the girls could lose whole days watching Good Luck Charlie episodes.


Dan and I are mid-way through Bloodline, which is completely and totally addictive. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING.

We also just finished The Honorable Woman - tons of intense drama involving Israel and Palestine and intrigue, plus the ending took me completely off guard. And for laughs, I can't believe nobody ever told me about Better Off Ted, a show that's all sorts of funny. Portia de Rossi is amazing as Ted's self-obsessed boss. And of course, The Adventures of Kimmy Schmidt made me laugh and laugh (have I mentioned I love her?).

What about everyone else? What are you watching lately?



Things to Do - At Home Photo Booth (Sort of)


I usually shoot all photos with natural light, but over the past few weeks I've taken Michelle Turner's EXCELLENT off camera flash class through Clickin Moms. So I decided to set up a "photo booth" in the corner (yes, I need more blank walls) so the kids could pose with their friends and I could practice working with flash.

These images make me happy. And every Wednesday needs some happiness.


Of course, once you GIF one friend, you have to GIF another . . .


Things to Do - Mornings & This Untamed Life (Messy)

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The theme for this week's post on This Untamed Life is "messy". And when I think about messy, I picture weekend mornings. I'm usually the last one to wake up, so by the time I arrive downstairs the kitchen is full of cereal boxes and dirty dishes, with newspaper pages scattered on every surface. And, most importantly, everyone I love. So over the past few weeks, I decided to document our laziest hours - before plans are made and our days take shape.

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!! Don't forget to click on over to This Untamed Life to see how everyone else photographed messy.

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Things to Do - Grateful List (February 2015)

snow (2 of 2)

snow (1 of 2)

(okay, so these photos are actually from March 5th, which seemed like February, with the blizzard and day off school).

* Watching How the States Got Their Shapes as a family (best family show ever!!)
* Watching Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for family movie night
* Reading Freedom
* Reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist
* Listening to Taylor Swift cover Riptide
* Listening to the Wes Anderson playlist on Spotify

* The dog park with F on weekends
* Foot baths and tea at House of Steep (my new favorite guilty pleasure)
* A snow day at the sledding hill
* A moms' night out to Jaleo and Cherokee at Wooly Mammoth
* Our whole neighborhood gathering together for a snow day happy hour/dinner at P Brennans
* Our state capitol tour with Alfonso Lopez
* Peak Experiences climbing gym outside Richmond, VA

* Making apple crumb pie (via Apple Cookbook )
* Making apple cider chicken (via The Family Dinner: Great Ways to Connect with Your Kids, One Meal at a Time)
* Dan's pork shoulder with braised cabbage
* Kapnos Taverna for date night

* Our new living room (though we're still waiting on the couch)
* My new fit charge HR

VACATIONS (Disney World)
* "Fun takes effort" - me
* Everyone in their baseball hats (and mouse ears)
* Thunder Mountain after dark (with no lines)
* T's fearlessness with roller coasters

* Dan, listening in on the kids' conversation - "Are you guys trying to figure out how you'd all beat each other during the Hunger Games?" (note, yes, this is what they were doing and my children have never actually seen or read the Hunger Games)
* Straight A's for F and great report cards for P and T (kids younger than third grade don't receive grades)
* F always asking Siri the meaning of life (her answer changes every few days)
* Waking up in the morning to F making lunches and watching the "mountain stream" channel on youtube ("it's just so peaceful mom")
* When T plays with toys for hours, lost in a world of his own making
* Two nights of dinner parties with the neighbors (when temps dropped below 20 degrees)
* A constant kitchen dance party
* T - "Mom, I had a tantrum this morning. P had one this afternoon. Seriously, what's with all the tantrums lately?"
* P and T playing (No Stress) Chess together and P (allegedly) "letting" T win
* T explaining the plot of Food Inc. to his grandmother and asking before every meal if they were nice to the chickens
* Friday night at Dan's parent's house in Richmond - spades, wine, and knitting
* P giving T piggy back rides all day


F - Minion Rush, Disney World, Garfield comics, Big Nate comics, Ethiopian food, a really great life, a nice house to live in and food to eat, my family, that everything is so great.

P - a really great day at school, Disney World, snowdays, sledding, a lot of stuff, my family

T - Disney World, our dogs, a nice house to live in and food to eat, my family


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