Things to Do - Random Links & 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime

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Happy Friday!! Sorry for the lack of posts lately - I've spent the last three months editing client photos (so much awesomeness!) and when I take breaks, I don't want to be on/near/by a computer. But I'm hoping to return soon (I had amazing gift guides that I never posted - so much sadness).

In the meantime, a few weeks ago I photographed a wedding on a farm close to Front Royal, VA (so pretty!!) and before the event I drove out there with T and his friends to preview the venue. The photo above is from our trip, as you can tell the kids had a blast!

Have a great weekend and if you have a chance, check out our newest post on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime.


* Vogue magazine just published its top 10 books of 2017 (The Idiot was fantastic). And every year I can't wait to check out NPR's Book Concierge (which has great ideas for holiday gifts).

* So excited to see Darcy Troutman Photography on Kidfriendly DC's Gift Guide.

* Speaking of Darcy Troutman Photography - there's a great new family up on my professional website. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift - why not think about a photo shoot gift certificate? If you buy now you lock in 2017 pricing.

* This twitter stream regarding badass bitches is pretty amazing.

* Trevor Noah made me cry (but still - you have to watch!)

* 11 year old Meghan Markle made me smile/cheer.

* These photo collages are awesome.

* If you're looking for the perfect kid's gift (for all ages), The Kids Should See This has an amazing gift guide.

* I've already planned summer vacation 2018, but I think 2019 might need one of these.


Places to Go (Vacation) - Camping in November at Sky Meadows State Park (Delaplane, VA)

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Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday! We spent the weekend with Dan's family - eating SO MUCH food and then visiting the Vermeer exhibit at the National Gallery of Art and Kingdom of Colors at Artechouse. As far as art goes, we couldn't have had two more different experiences in one day - but I really enjoyed both.

The photos are from the weekend before last - when we spent Friday night camping at Sky Meadows State Park. We had hoped to see the meteor shower, but the light pollution was worst than anticipated (plus, we went to sleep rather early). Sky Meadows is a walk-in campground - the sites are about 1 mile from the parking lot. The hike/walk is easy, but it felt a little surreal to arrive at our campsite in the dark. As did hiking in with P as the light slowly faded away around us.

On the upside - we were thrilled to camp without bugs, but turns out ticks last longer than expected - both dogs found a few. So it goes. The night was COLD, but all in all the experience was pretty amazing (I heard owls all night) and I'm hoping we'll go again next year.

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Things to Do - 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime and Random Links

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Happy Friday everyone!! Last weekend we rented a little cottage in the woods outside Meadows of Dan, VA and, if you ask me, it was the perfect family get away. A fireplace. Family boardgames. HGTV. Naps. Homemade cocktails. Walking through the forest with the dogs (no leashes!). A campfire at night.

If you ask the kids, they may say, "um, I'm not sure why we had to drive that far to not really do anything."

So goes my life. I try.

If you have a chance, click here to check out this week's awesome post on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime.


* 2016's best installation art. Makes me want to travel.

* These "cozy" books sound perfect for winter!

* Putting a face to a comment - the new online crusaders.

* I kind of want to try introvert soap.

* The Adams' Family had a pink living room (who knew?).

* These movie posters are gorgeous.

* I want this calendar.


Things to Do - Project 52, Weeks 39 & 40

These photos are from the last week of September/first week of October. It's sort of fun to look back a month later and see all the moments I forgot about. I feel like I've spent the last two months away at photoshoots and glued to my computer editing (and the kids keep reminding me that I'm never around anymore), but I know I've done other things besides work, and here's the proof. Parenting is hard.

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(1) T became a little obsessed with Halloween stores. So we spent a lot of time in them.
(2) I love when the kids do homework in my office while I edit.
(3) Location scouting in Clifton, VA with P and her friends. These three have known each other since preschool.
(4) I love watching all the kids and their friends walk/ride to school together in the morning.
(5) Location scouting with T. "Can I bring a gun?" "Um, sure."
(6) Party City with T and a friend.
(7) All the middle school kids seem iphone obsessed. It's driving me a little crazy.
(8) Location scouting with T. Love that golden light.
(9) The "gang" before school.
(10) Our porch. T wanted to "go big" on Halloween this year. But I didn't quite have it in me. So we settled for a zombie baby.

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(1) The floor of T's room.
(2) Apple picking.
(3) Dog walking.
(4) Another apple picking shot (the orchard was crazy crowded, but we manged to find pockets of quiet).
(5) T's not really into video games. Usually I think this is a good thing. But when he comes up with games like this, video games don't seem that bad anymore.
(6) One last apple picking shot.


Places to Go (Vacation) - Running Through Autumn at Storm King Scultpure Park (Cornwall, NY)

A few weeks ago I binge-watched the second season of Master of None. In one of the last episodes, the main character and a friend take an autumn daytrip to Storm King Art Center, which is about 1 hour north of NYC. I'd never heard of Storm King before, but I was smitten.

Unfortunately, October is the peak of my busy season so I didn't think we could make our own trip. Then I found out the kids had a few days off school and everything fell into place. (Plus, let's be honest - I love a roadtrip).

We ended up spending two days at Storm King (the park is REALLY big) and on the second day my best friend and her family managed to join us (and then we drove back to Long Island to hang with them).

Watching all the kids play/run/explore together was pretty incredible. Especially with scenery like this!






















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