Things to Do - Grateful List (March 2014)

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(T would like everyone to know that on snow days one must always wear shorts and carry a sword.)

ARTS (um, we watched A LOT of tv and movies in March, but, in my defense, cold and snow dominated the month, so we had to do something.)
* Josh Ritter and Gregory Alan Isakov at the Lincoln Theater
* Watching Blackfish for family movie night and the kids begging to picket Seaworld
* Watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox for family movie night
* Watching The Muppets Most Wanted in the theaters
* Watching Cosmos with the kids and Dan's excitement when F asked "can we please watch another one?"
* Watching The Americans, Season 1 (possibly the best show on TV, it's FANTASTIC)
* New music - Streets of Laredo Volumes I and II, Public Service Broadcasting's Inform-Educate-Entertain, Crystal Fighter's Cave Rave (thanks for the recommendation, Catherine!), The 1975's self-titled album
* Reading Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping: A Novel
* Reading Rajesh Parameswaran's I Am an Executioner: Love Stories

* Girls' Day with P and F - Smithsonian American History Museum and lunch at Society Fair (with Jenga)
* Our family morning at the Corcoran and DAR museums
* Playing in the creek at Long Branch Nature Center
* Visiting the Mansion on O Street
* Sledding and afternoon beer drinking/watching the Irish Dancers at P Brennans on St. Patty's Day (otherwise known as the 9th school closure of the year)
* A warm Saturday at the Adventure Park in Sandy Springs with P (she's old enough for the greens now!!), followed by ribs on the grill at Shannon's house

* A wonderful moms' weekend in Rehoboth Beach (karaoke, Cards Against Humanity, wonderful dinners out, great conversations, and lots of couch time)

* Snow day sledding and playdates
* Scooters outside (on the few days when it didn't snow/rain)
* When the kids compliment each other (P to T - "you're so funny, in a good way."/ T to P - "and P you look nice in that sweatshirt.")
* Dance like an elephant
* T always asking "mom, are we taking the high road yet?" (he means the highway)
* Great Grandma sending family heirlooms to the kids


F - a nice house to live in and food to eat, a really great family, that everything is so great, that I'm student of the week/star of the jungle, playdates with Mika, Jim & Val coming back from China

P- all my friends, school, everything I like, everything I have ever liked, gymnastics, snow days, Estee & Mateo, going to the museums [Corcoran & DAR], everything in our house, the playground after school, warm days, playdates with Nicola and Tessa, High School Musical, The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring, Frozen at your friend's house, throwing the helicopters with Jim & Val

T - our family, a nice house to live in and food to eat, Spy Kids, The Fantasic Mr. Fox, playdates, making rice krispie treats, going to the museum [Smithsonian Natural History Museum]


Things to Read - Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction's Most Beloved Heroines

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Sometimes it's nice to look at a really pretty book, esp. when the book keeps with my watercolors theme of the spring.

We love the portraits and quotes in Samantha Hahn's Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction's Most Beloved Heroines.

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Places to Go - Out & About, the Watercolor Version (Early Spring 2014)

Doesn't everything look better in watercolor?


Ziplining through the trees with P at the Adventure Park of Sandy Spring. She's now old enough (7.5) to do the green courses, crazy fun.


A Monday afternoon "date" with T at the Smithsonian National History Museum. We checked out insects and "Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Shape the Nation."

Speaking of the Smithsonian, did you read this Washington Post article on the T Rex that Got Away (the world's most complete T-Rex skeleton resides at the Field Museum in Chicago, after winning the $8.3 million bidding war)?


At the National History Museum we also visited the new interactive exhibit, Q?rius, (we had to find it for ourselves because the super bitchy woman at the information desk refused to tell me the location, saying it was only meant for teenagers).

Luckily, once we arrived Qr?ius had a ton of fun stuff that T loved (rocks under microscopes, drawers full of fossils and musical instruments, skulls, etc.) and a very welcoming staff.


Tuckahoe Playground
after preschool. Have you visited here yet? They have a HUGE new climbing structure that the kids couldn't get enough of, plus a cool multi-person swing. Click here to read The Meanest Mama's review.

(And, yes, that "kid" in the black leggings is me. I couldn't resist, kids can't claim all the fun).


Boots in the sand for a moms' weekend at Rehoboth Beach.


Followed by: Coronas, karaoke, and Cards Against Humanity (i.e. the perfect weekend away).



Things to Do - Cherish This Day & Random Links

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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Now click on over to Cherish This Day for lots of wonderfulness.


* I just signed up for this workshop and I CAN'T WAIT for it to start.

* The Teenage Glaze - wow, these are good.

* We've been out of diapers for awhile now, but if you're still in the market, Where the Watermelons Grow posted a great guide to going cloth free.

* Homemade funny face stamps. Genius.

* Tavi Gevinson is so cool.

* I want this book.

* I actually like GW's paintings.

* A homeless boxer's mansion - “Even though they're technically homeless, they don't feel homeless living as part of this encampment. It's a really unique place. I think it's especially interesting in the context of the housing shortage, the rising housing prices, and growing income inequality in the Bay Area. It's one of the last places where homeless people can go and feel somewhat self-reliant and safe."

* I love all these movies.

* Dinner party decorations (or lack thereof) always stress me out. But this looks simple, manageable, and so so cute.



Things to Do - Around the Neighborhood (Early Spring 2014)

Sometimes you just need a giant photo dump, so here goes:

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We're never quite sure who walks who (though I'd put my money on the puppy).

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Inconclusive "science" experiments.

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T had such high hopes that his two best friends would get along. But when the bigger one tried to eat the smaller one, T learned that such things don't always work out.

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Have scooter will travel.

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Even without scooters, we always seem to move so fast.

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Sometimes it snow in spring, but at least (this time) school didn't close.

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So we made rice krispie treats.

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And ran around like monkeys.

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And relaxed on the couch.

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And waited for better weather.

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And better weather arrived.

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T was so excited for the sun that he spent an afternoon topless.

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Now, we spend our days at the playground.

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Or, sometimes, indoors in the sun.

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At night, T teaches Spacebear how to fly.

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Learning to fly is "tricky".

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Best friends became toothless.

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And swings needed to be swung.

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Some nights we stay at the playground until bedtime.

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While flowers bloom around us. Everywhere.

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And we try, always, to take it all in.


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