The Perfect Gift - Pinhole Press Magnets for Mothers' Day

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Can you believe Mothers' Day is only 2.5 weeks away? Neither can I. (Actually I can't believe May is only a week away, but that's a whole other conversation).

Anyways, moms love photos. (Actually doesn't everyone love photos?). So in honor of the holiday, I ordered magnet sets from Pinhole Press for my mom and MIL (family members - sorry for the spoiler). And since I didn't want to be left out of the mix, I ordered my own set as well (everyone's magnets are customized for them with different photos).

I love the white borders and the square size. Like instagram coming alive. Well, better than that.

Anyways, as cheesy as it sounds, having some of my favorite recent photos on my refrigerator is making me super happy these days. Friends have even commented about how awesome they look. And they're only $24.99 a set (total deal!).

So go buy some. Really. Now. (Click here for the link).

(This post was sponsored by Pinhole Press, but the creative input is all me, as are the opinions expressed.)


Things to Do - Random Links & 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime

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Happy Friday everyone! I feel like I'm still recovering from spring break. And now with soccer starting on Saturday, the pace just isn't going to slow down. On the upside, we had a great week off - I attended an amazing photography workshop in North Carolina and then I picked up the kids and we headed to Sandbridge beach and spent a few days with a house full of friends.

If you have a chance, a great new post is up on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime - click here to check us out!!


* The most underrated places in every state.

* This is the coolest elopement ever. 30% discount if anyone ever wants to elope in the woods with me (that sounds wrong, but hopefully you know what I mean)!

* Is anyone else excited for hives in DC this summer?

* Speaking of DC, Kidfriendly DC has a fantastic post on recreation on the water in the city and surrounding areas.

* Fascinating article - "As I thumbed toward the top of the screen, I had the disconcerting sense of watching a life become a life-style brand."

* 10 shows you should be watching but aren't. I'm looking for a new binge-worthy tv show, any suggestions?

* I want to read this book.

* Have you seen the new commercial about working moms? Truth?


Things to Eat - 7 Week Meal Plan (mid-February through March)

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We ate out a lot during the end of winter. Sometimes life is like that. And, really, it was nice to have a break from the kitchen.


MONDAY - Vegetable tortilla stew (via Cravings). This has become a family staple - the kids all love it.

TUESDAY - Skirt steaks with chimichuri sauce and potatoes for Valentine's Day. Yum!

WEDNESDAY - Myer lemon pasta (from A Year Between Friends). Dan and I both found this amazing, but the kids hated the lemon flavor.

THURSDAY - Dinner at Cava with friends, Dan makes dinner for himself and the kids.

FRIDAY - Family dinner at Marble & Rye.

SATURDAY - Friends over - order pizza.

SUNDAY - Eat at the neighbor's BBQ.


MONDAY - Family dinner at Guapo's.

TUESDAY - Chili in the crockpot.

WEDNESDAY - Spring fattoush salad (via It's All Easy) and baked potatoes. I love this salad.

THURSDAY - Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce (via The Sprouted Kitchen - Bowl and Spoon). This used to be one of my favorite recipes, but lately I can't get the meatballs right. I'm not sure what I keep doing wrong, but it's making me sad.

FRIDAY - Corn, bacon and parmesan pasta (via Smitten Kitchen's blog). This is so easy and so good.

SATURDAY - Dan cooks pork chops and potatoes.

SUNDAY - Carry out Ethiopian (yummy!)



MONDAY - Chicken fingers and asparagus risotto (all from TJ's frozen aisle). Lazy but happy.

TUESDAY - Dan makes fish sticks and french fries.

WEDNESDAY - Order pizza.

THURSDAY - Girls' weekend in Charleston - dinner at Stars.

FRIDAY - Girls' weekend in Charleston - dinner at a restaurant I can't remember (but wow was it good).

SATURDAY - Girls' weekend in Charleston - Jon makes us steak tacos and margaritas. AMAZING!

SUNDAY - Dan cooks hot dogs and hamburgers.


MONDAY - Baja fish tacos (via Cooking Light online). This has been a family favorite for a long time, though we haven't had it in awhile (in case you haven't noticed, I don't cook a lot of fish). So glad it's back in the rotation. Not a single leftover.

TUESDAY - 3 day juice cleanse. The kids eat mac and cheese.

WEDNESDAY - 3 day juice cleanse. The kids eat pizza.

THURSDAY - 3 day juice cleanse. The kids eat pirogies.

FRIDAY - Dinner with a friend at Jaleo

SATURDAY - Dan makes fettucini alfredo.

SUNDAY - Zuni chicken (via It's All Easy). This might be the best chicken I've ever had. Amazing. Love this new recipe!



MONDAY - Sausage and peppers with thyme in the crockpot. Easy.

TUESDAY - Snacks/dinner at our snow day happy hour.

WEDNESDAY - Order pizza.

THURSDAY - Dinner in NYC before Sunset Boulevard.

FRIDAY - Dinner in NYC before The Great Comet of 1812.

SATURDAY - Dinner at the wedding I'm photographing.

SUNDAY - Taylor Gourmet.



MONDAY - Pesto pasta with an easy kale salad.

TUESDAY - Sheet pan chicken tikka (via Smitten Kitchen, the blog).

WEDNESDAY - One pot farro with tomatoes (via Smitten Kitchen, the blog) with red salad (via The Forest Feast). The kids are all OBSESSED with this salad.

THURSDAY - Dinner out with friends.

FRIDAY - Kids are all at friends' houses, I eat appetizers at moms' wine night.

SATURDAY - Dinner at the wedding I'm photographing.

SUNDAY - Dan makes pasta with homemade sauce (yum!).



MONDAY - Picnic under the cherry blossoms at Hains Point (Jimmy Johns).

TUESDAY - Quinoa carbonara (via Molly on the Range cookbook) with red salad (via The Forest Feast). The kids aren't quinoa fans (so sad), but they loved the bacon and egg combo of this recipe, though they all thought it would taste better with pasta (as I knew they would).

WEDNESDAY - Leftovers (I'm starting to make double recipes, so that we have leftovers).

THURSDAY - Cauliflower and corn tacos (via The Forest Feast). Family favorite. Everyone loves this recipe.

FRIDAY - Homemade pizza.

SATURDAY - Dan cooks fish and potatoes.

SUNDAY - Dan makes fried egg and bacon sandwiches (so yummy and so bad for me!).


Things to Do - Project 52, Weeks 11 & 12

My new favorite quote - "Enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." -Kurt Vonnegut

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(1) Toys at the preschool;
(2) P at Renditions Golf Club, helping me check out the light for a wedding I was photographing the next weekend;
(3) More toys at the preschool;
(4) Nerf gun fun from our ONLY SNOW DAY of the school year;
(5) Dan helping T with homework;
(6) Isla loves to collect things during dog walks;
(7) Another snow day shot;
(8) Taking the train to NYC for a few days with Dan);
(9) T and a friend reading on the couch;
(10) One of my favorite photographs in the Whitney museum (NYC).

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(1) T, doing homework and trying to avoid having his picture taken;
(2) After preschool dog walk;
(3) A portrait of T and his gun;
(4) The neighborhood nerf wars;
(5) P on her phone;
(6) Before bed dog walk;
(7) Spring blossoms after the cold spell;
(8) F watching TV;
(9) T, finding new and quirky ways to avoid the camera;
(10) F, also avoiding the camera, at sunset.


Things to Do - Random Links & 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime

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Happy Friday everyone! Last week we picnicked at Hains Point (under the Cherry Blossoms) and I took the above photo of the kids. F's feminist t-shirts continue to become more creative (love this one in particular). If you have a chance, don't forget to check out this week's awesome in 5 Hours Til' Bedtime!


* The Anonymous Women: Picturing Domesticity and Identity.

* Loving the new Bleachers' single.

* Question marks.

* Think like a bronze medalist, not silver.

* Millennials of New York. Funny. (“The Trump campaign has a lot in common with the tattoo of Tila Tequila I got in college – at first it was supposed to be ironic, but everyone stopped finding it funny after a couple of weeks, and now there is nothing I can do to get rid of it.”)

* A day in the life, toddler style.

* 12 great parks around Washington D.C.

* This archive is a little overwhelming.

* A parents' guide to the mysterious teenager.

* The most famous book that takes place is every state.

* I find this fascinating.

* Is anyone else enthralled with S-Town (I binge listened in two days)?

* I love that Cup of Jo featured a trans woman in its Beauty Uniform column.


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