Places to Go/Things to Do - A Few, Quick Days at Universal Orlando


I know I don't share much in this space much anymore, so I should probably check in. And, honestly, I'm not sure about the future of No Monsters in My Bed. I've started blogging more on my professional website and I'd love it if you would follow me/check in over here.

I'm hoping to keep No Monsters as a place to share longer posts and opinions - book reviews, random links, etc., while moving my personal photos to Darcy Troutman Photography, but, truthfully, I haven't felt like sharing as much as I used to. My kids are older and entitled to more privacy and, like everyone else, sometimes social media just seems overwhelming.

We will see.

In the meantime, LOTS of photos from our trip to Universal are online here (I find squarespace's photo uploader to be much more user-friendly than Blogger's uploader) - please stop by!!

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  1. aaaaaah i hear you sister. My husband spent nearly an entire day trying to fix various things that were wrong with the crappy image quality on Blogger, and I'm barely on that site anymore, compared to Instagram. Instagram has basically replaced my blog for me! I certainly wouldn't have my book surprise box thing going on if it weren't for IG. And yet.....I still have my blog, I think I would feel like a part of me was gone if I abandoned it altogether!



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