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Most Thursdays, I post on Things to Read (sometimes for children, sometimes for adults, sometimes for everyone). Click here to see the archives.

Books for Children - General Recommendations
*Favorite Kids' Books I-VIII
*Chapter Books and Edward Tulane
*Book Reviews from a Budding Kindergartner
*Chapter Book Reviews from a 1st Grader
*George's Secret Key to the Universe
*Lemony Snicket

Books For Children on Specific Subjects
*Teaching Children About Nature and the Environment
*Beach Books for Children
*Children's Books for Fall (ages 2.5 - 7)
*Books for Kids about Thanksgiving & Native Americans
*Children's Books for Winter and Christmas
*Long Roadtrips and 3 Great Toys for Learning How to Read
*Knuffle Bunny
*MOMA books and teaching children about art
*Earth Day Books for Kids
*Books About China for Kids
*Yoga Books for Kids & Toddlers
*The Birds and the Bees for the Kindergarten Crowd
*Books for Kids on Colonial Life and George Washington
*Where Children Sleep (about worldwide poverty)
*New Art Books for Kids and Adults

Books for Adults

*"A Simple Life" - Living Off the Grid
*Photography and Art Books
*Beach Books for Grown-Ups
*GUEST POST - Picture Books for Big Kids
*Five Great Short Story Books for Grown-Ups (Murakami, Mueenuddin, Lahiri, Kanafani, & Munro)
*Book Lists ("The Best of 2010")
*Photography for Beginners
*Nurture Shock & Talking to Kids About Race
*How to Be an Explorer of the World (activities to do by yourself or with kids)
*Books About Frank Lloyd Wright
*Raising "Princesses"
*Two Very Different Travel Biographies - Paul Farmer & Freya Stark
*Summer Reading - The Happiness Project, Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, & Unbearable Lightness
*My Favorite Books
*Summer Reading II - Henrietta Lacks, Keith Richards, & Cholera
*Three New Books About Things to Do with Children
*Three Parenting Books for People Who Dislike Most Parenting Books (the tao, astrology, and freethinking)
*Fall Reading - A Visit From the Goon Squad, This Life In Your Hands, & The Beautiful Fall
*New Reads on the Nightstand - Food Rules, The Museum of Innocence, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), the Keri Smith Box Set, and A History of Women Photographers
*What I've Been Reading Lately - Gang Leader for a Day, the Dovekeepers, What Was Mine (short stories), and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
*What I've Been Reading Lately - 1Q84; America's Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates and Heroines; The Snow Child; and The Hunger Games Trilogy
*7 Books About the Experience of Parenting (not the instruction manual kind)
* China: From Mongols to the Nobel Prize
* New Art Books For Kids and Adults
* What I've Been Reading (Travels in Siberia, Arcadia, the Newylweds, Steve Jobs)

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*Mom Blogs that I'm Thankful For
*DC-Based Blogs That I'm Thankful For


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