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On the topic of thankfulness, I must say how completely honored I am that one of my friends nominated me for Babbles's Top 50 Reader Nominated Blogs. And how excited I am that all of YOUR VOTES put me in the top 25 for awhile (I haven't checked lately, but I'm pretty sure I've slipped quite a bit, which is always a problem when you stop campaigning). Thank you everyone!! I spent some time over the last week reading other mom blogs. Everyone seems to have a lot of stories. Do I need more stories? Honestly, my life isn't that interesting. But I can try.

I also noticed, and was somewhat saddened by, the fact that mom blogs seem to fall into two distinct camps - (1) those devoted to worshiping their children and celebrating every smile, every frown, every move from birth onwards and (2) those devoted to complaining about how hard life is. This sort of worries me - has the two party system moved onto motherhood as well? I try to ride the line, but, obviously, I tend to fall into camp #2. Maybe it's a glass is half-empty type thing. Or maybe I just like snarkiness. I do, I really do. Stephen Colbert is my hero. But, on the other hand, I appreciate the love that celebratory moms have to give, especially when no judgment is attached. Oh well, this is just to say, can't we all get along? I mean regardless of HOW you parent, you have TO PARENT. That's the point, right?

So in the spirit of thankfulness, here are links to six of my favorite momblogs (and one dadblog) - all of which contain tons of GREAT PICTURES (of course) and all which operate very honestly and non-judgmentally (or at least there's been no judgment that I've seen).

1. SouleMama - Back when F and P were quite young and I was still practicing law (if a third year associate can really be said to be "practicing"), I would read SouleMama every day. Seeing how much fun Amanda Soule had with her kids and how full their days were, helped me take the leap and become a stay at home mom. I still look to Amanda Soule daily for inspiration and entertainment. And she never lets me down.

2. A Day that is Dessert - I love the pictures and the snapshots of life on this blog. The author has a wonderful way of appreciating the little things.

3. Fine Little Day - I never know whether to characterize this Swedish woman's blog as a mom blog or a photography blog. The photos are amazing. But the short, wonderful anecdotes make it great.

4. Jelly Jar Daisies - A numbered list of life's joys (with pictures, of course). Always inspiring.

5. Sweet Fine Day - I discovered this blog a few months ago and I've become addicted to reading it. The blog has some of the most honest reading I've ever encountered (about parenthood and life in general), almost like reading someone's journal. And always well-stated.

6. Made By Joel - Best craft projects ever.

7. RummeyBears - I'm not sure why I can't stop reading this Australian women's blog, but the pictures of her baby are divine, plus she has a very succinct writing style that makes every word feel precious.

What are your favorite mom blogs? I'd love to hear them!

Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Wow, thank you for the mention. I feel honored to be on your list. (I voted for you, by the way!)



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