Things to Do - Make a Grateful List (October)


As I posted previously, every month I make a grateful list to try and remember the good things. Attached below is October's list. (As always, the attached pictures and the list don't necessarily correlate, except for #19).

1. 8tracks.com - finally you can make a mix tape and send it to your friends, all online and all for free
2. Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum (esp. the Alice in Wonderland exhibit and the puppet theatre) - so much fun that I could have ditched the kids and played all day by myself
3. 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale - my new favorite song (the video is pretty good too)
4. The Social Network (yes, I know everyone liked it and, yes, I liked it too).
5. New England in fall
6. Baby kisses from T
7. F always saying "mommy, I have something very INTERESTING to show you."
8. Spaworld's bade pool
9. Smores at the Gulf Branch campfire
10. The big tree on the corner (it always has the best fall leaves)
11. T and his blankie
12. P and her "monster" doll
13. F on the big slide at Burke Nursery's Pumpkin Playground (she screamed the whole way down then turned around and did it again)
14. Rainy fall days with the windows open
15. F decorating our house for Halloween (she drew pictures of spiders, pumpkins, and ghosts and hung them throughout the house)
16. Magna-Tiles Translucent Colors 100 pieces (best toy EVER)
17. Strega Nona (a friend of mine bought this for the girls and it's quickly become their favorite book)
18. Jon Stewart's speech at the Rally to Restore Sanity
19. Sunrise over Old Town, Alexandria (the pictures are below)
20. Trader Joe's Spicy Chai Latte
21. P and her friend, E, debating the existence of ghosts. P insisted ghosts DO NOT exist. E insisted that they do. This went back and forth for awhile and was highly entertaining. Until E stated that she knows ghosts exist because god told her ghosts exist. That ended the debate as P did not know what to say in return. Which made me realize that toddler debates and adult debates are very similar, once someone says god told them x, then there's really nothing left to say.
22. Kidfriendly DC including me on its blogroll
23. Mad Men's Season 4 Finale (I'm not sure I liked it, but I appreciate its lack of predictability).
24. Jenny's wedding
25. The back lawn of Mt. Vernon

What about everyone else? Anything you're grateful for this month? I'd love to hear!
Have a great weekend, I'll be back on Monday!

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  1. Great list... and great idea. Here's my short one:
    1. Sasha's thrill at pointing out "H" my keyboard
    2. Owen riding his bike to school - sans training wheels
    3. Other bloggers who inspire me to seek out new adventures

    And if I did a longer one, #'s 2, 18, and 23 would be on it, too.

  2. Love this! I want you to know that you have inspired me to start posting again. Your blog is inspiring!

  3. Thanks so much to both of you! I love both your blogs.



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