Things to Do - Jump in a Leaf Pile


Go ahead, jump in the pile, you KNOW you want to!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Here are some great links from around the web -

*This recipe full of seasonal ingredients (all available at Trader Joe's) sounds yummy. In addition, I used farmer's market kale to make this recipe last week and wow was it good.

*If you haven't had a chance to check out Lonny Magazine yet (an online decorating magazine similar to what Domino used to be), the October/November issue is definitely worth your time.

*This DIY wine bottle light is just beautiful. I was thinking of making one myself until I read "put on your gloves and goggles and start drilling." (um, no goggles here). Still I want one. (courtesy of Design Mom)

*I want these shoes. Plus, they're for a good cause. And Tom's are super comfy in general. But do I really need another pair? Ugh, decisions, decisions.

*And, as always, the photos on this blog never cease to amaze me.


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