Things to Make - Paper Doll Chains


We first made paper doll chains a few weeks ago, using newspaper. An idea which originated from this book - Recycling Things to Make and Do (Usborne Activities). The girls had fun seeing the dolls come to life, but quickly bored with the dolls after we cut them out.

Then, last week, I decided to try the activity again, this time on plain paper. And the fun lasted all afternoon. F (who is really into craft projects lately) loved drawing in the dolls' faces and giving them names and personalities. This prompted P (who loves to play with dolls) to involve herself by making up detailed stories and backgrounds for all the dolls ("these two are sisters, but they're fighting because this sister is mean" etc.) Then both girls lamented on the dolls' sadness concerning their lack of stuff and housing, which lead F to start cutting out and coloring furniture for everyone (mostly beds and couches). This lasted all afternoon and would have lasted longer until P made the mistake of putting her dolls to bed on the floor. That's when the carnage began. I was trying to make dinner, when piercing screams of "T's killing their families! KILLING them!" filled the house. Apparently paper dolls and toddlers = bad combination. In the mere seconds it took me to arrive in the front room, T had managed to tear up almost every doll. So sad. So sad. At least they're cheap enough we can make a few more batches, though I hate to evaluate "life" in such terms.

Instructions on How to Make Paper Doll Chains:
1. Cut a wide strip of paper and fold it in half (short edges together). Then fold in half again. And again. And again if you want a ton of dolls.
2. Draw a doll's body on the fold, draw arms that will touch (and/or feet that will touch) - see examples in the attached pictures.
3. Cut out the shape but DON'T cut the fold by the hands (and/or feet).



  1. So funny, I was already picturing Soren destroying the paper dolls before T came into the picture. We might try this if Soren decides to nap some weekend.



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