Things to Do - Random Links & 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime

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HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE! I can't believe we're already half-way through December. There's an awesome post this week on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime - check it out!!


* 2016 board game gift guide. I want everything!!!!

* NPR's 2016 Book Concierge - I wait for this list all year long!!

* This world map reveals what each country does best. Yay USA and all our spam!

* 23 emotions people feel, but can't explain.

* The best music of 2016.

* 10 Life-Changing Decor Tips From Mariah Carey’s Infamous Episode of Cribs.

* What Should I Do With My Life? - the card game. I'm intrigued.

* The best TV performances of 2016. I've been obsessed with Gael García Bernal since Et Tu Mama Tambien and he just keeps getting better and better.

* The Kid's Should See This's gift guide. AMAZING stuff for kids of all ages.

* My friend and fellow photographer, Jessie Casey (also a contributor to 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime), just blogged photos of her family's summer vacation camping in various National Parks and I am in awe of both the photos and the trip!


Things to Do/Make - The Best Gift for Tweens - Wall Stickers from Pinhole Press

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Now that the girls are getting older (11 & 10), it's harder to surprise them with small gifts they like. But, luckily, they like photos (well, some photos). I've wanted to frame some prints for their room for awhile now, but: 1) I'm lazy and 2) I'm scared that they'll accidentally knock the frames off the wall. Pinhole Press's wall decals solved both these problems.

I love that the girls can move these decals around as they continue to change their rooms's decor. Pinhole Press also offers a bigger size (11x17) that I'm planning to order soon.

Anyways, these make a super-easy, fun gift. So if you're looking for Christmas stocking additions, look no further!

(Note - The wall decals were provided by Pinhole Press, but the ideas expressed our entirely my own).


Things to Do - Grateful List (October/November 2016)

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October & November sort of flew by - between the new preschool job, the weddings, and the family photo shoots I never quite caught up.

But still, we managed to spend one night camping, which was awesome. And yes, that's my child with the axe, as we continue to push the limits of free range parenting (nobody was injured!).


ARTS (lots of editing = lots of binge TV watching)
* Watching Goonies at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse
* Reading The Nest
* Binge-watching 6 seasons of Shameless (US version), I'm totally in love with this show.
* Attending Signature Theater's production of Freaky Friday, the musical with P and F
* Watching Arrival with the kids (I cried and cried).
* Watching Odd Mom Out, Seasons 1 and 2

* Driving out to Blue Hill Farm with the kids (so so pretty there).
* Camping with friends at Prince William Forest Park (this place is close and awesome, I can't wait to go back)
* Spending Thanksgiving morning in the newly renovated Eastern Wing of the National Gallery of Art (I especially loved the Photography Reinvented exhibit).

* P's birthday dinner at Fugo De Chao
* Hazel with my favorite bloggers

* Trunk Club (SO MUCH BETTER than Stitch Fix).

* Dan planning a scavenger hunt for F's 11th birthday party (the kids loved it!)
* Sweatshirt weather
* My new job (working on Mondays and Tuesdays at a preschool)
* My new website design (so much better!)
* T's 6 rules of awesomeness
(1) Try to do the splits "Ouch!!"
(2) Always carry an extra weapon
(3) Look cool
(4) Look swag
(5) Learn how to ride a bike
(6) Go to the shooting range
* F - "Mom, you're not fat, you're perfect for a mom. You have three kids - you stress eat."
* T's "bike gang" riding to school every morning
* F's first soccer goal
* Monday Halloween - a cat burglar, a spy, and Ms. Peregrine (plus pizza at a neighbors' house before trick or treating and helping Jenny with the keg because adults need to trick or treat too)
* 5 weekends in a row photographing weddings (SO MUCH LOVE!)
* Obsessive Halloween candy sorting
* "Mom, it's only 4 years, America can survive this." - P
* Playing pie face at Shannon's b-day party
* Decorating our Christmas tree
* T and his friends wearing Santa and Elf hats to school


Things to Do/Make - Holiday Cards from Pinhole Press


I'm a little obsessed with our holiday cards this year. Every year we order from Pinhole Press because I love their quality paper and vibrant colors. And every year I try to choose one photo and end up with about 100. So usually we opt for a collage, but Dan hates that the photos are so small.

So this year we splurged on the BIG CARDS. And, wow, they're beautiful. And big. And my photos look so great on them.

I've never had so many people email me to say what a pleasure our card was to receive. So I think upgrading was definitely the right decision.

If you're interested, you can order your own cards here.

[Disclaimer - Pinhole Press gave us a discount on our cards, but I decide what I want to write about and what I want to say.]


Things to Do - Random Links & 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime

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Happy Friday everyone! We visited the newly renovated National Gallery on Thanksgiving and I took this photo. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Don't forget to check out this week's 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime!


* I always love KidFriendly DC's Annual Holiday Gift Guides and I'm especially excited that this year Darcy Troutman Photography made the list!!!

* 7 Parenting Superstitions from Around the World

* These shadow drawings are crazy awesome.

* This video made my week!

* 40 book box sets starring girls of all ages.

* Looking for a really funny Xmas gift? My friend, Shannon, just launched Kidsults and it is hysterical! ("Your hugs are boring" is my personal fave).

* I really want these pants.

* I'm loving Miss Moss's color-coded gift guides.

* The 31 best cookbooks of 2016.

* The reality behind photos of National Park monuments. I think it would be fun to go and just take photos of the crowds.


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