Things to Do - Grateful List (October/November 2016)

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October & November sort of flew by - between the new preschool job, the weddings, and the family photo shoots I never quite caught up.

But still, we managed to spend one night camping, which was awesome. And yes, that's my child with the axe, as we continue to push the limits of free range parenting (nobody was injured!).


ARTS (lots of editing = lots of binge TV watching)
* Watching Goonies at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse
* Reading The Nest
* Binge-watching 6 seasons of Shameless (US version), I'm totally in love with this show.
* Attending Signature Theater's production of Freaky Friday, the musical with P and F
* Watching Arrival with the kids (I cried and cried).
* Watching Odd Mom Out, Seasons 1 and 2

* Driving out to Blue Hill Farm with the kids (so so pretty there).
* Camping with friends at Prince William Forest Park (this place is close and awesome, I can't wait to go back)
* Spending Thanksgiving morning in the newly renovated Eastern Wing of the National Gallery of Art (I especially loved the Photography Reinvented exhibit).

* P's birthday dinner at Fugo De Chao
* Hazel with my favorite bloggers

* Trunk Club (SO MUCH BETTER than Stitch Fix).

* Dan planning a scavenger hunt for F's 11th birthday party (the kids loved it!)
* Sweatshirt weather
* My new job (working on Mondays and Tuesdays at a preschool)
* My new website design (so much better!)
* T's 6 rules of awesomeness
(1) Try to do the splits "Ouch!!"
(2) Always carry an extra weapon
(3) Look cool
(4) Look swag
(5) Learn how to ride a bike
(6) Go to the shooting range
* F - "Mom, you're not fat, you're perfect for a mom. You have three kids - you stress eat."
* T's "bike gang" riding to school every morning
* F's first soccer goal
* Monday Halloween - a cat burglar, a spy, and Ms. Peregrine (plus pizza at a neighbors' house before trick or treating and helping Jenny with the keg because adults need to trick or treat too)
* 5 weekends in a row photographing weddings (SO MUCH LOVE!)
* Obsessive Halloween candy sorting
* "Mom, it's only 4 years, America can survive this." - P
* Playing pie face at Shannon's b-day party
* Decorating our Christmas tree
* T and his friends wearing Santa and Elf hats to school

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