Things to Do/Make - The Best Gift for Tweens - Wall Stickers from Pinhole Press

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Now that the girls are getting older (11 & 10), it's harder to surprise them with small gifts they like. But, luckily, they like photos (well, some photos). I've wanted to frame some prints for their room for awhile now, but: 1) I'm lazy and 2) I'm scared that they'll accidentally knock the frames off the wall. Pinhole Press's wall decals solved both these problems.

I love that the girls can move these decals around as they continue to change their rooms's decor. Pinhole Press also offers a bigger size (11x17) that I'm planning to order soon.

Anyways, these make a super-easy, fun gift. So if you're looking for Christmas stocking additions, look no further!

(Note - The wall decals were provided by Pinhole Press, but the ideas expressed our entirely my own).

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