Things to Do - Adopt Our Cat - PLEASE!!!


For the last year or so, P's health has been a little spotty. In the spring, she started having "breathing issues" and at one point had to be hospitalized for three days until her oxygen levels became high enough to release her. Since then, things have been somewhat better. They finally diagnosed asthma and she'll spend all winter on the nebulizer with pulmacort and albuterol.

Then, a few weeks ago, she underwent a series of allergy tests and we learned that she's allergic to PEANUTS and CATS (VERY allergic to peanuts). I'm a pretty low key mom, but the idea that a peanut could kill my child freaks me out. All of a sudden the world seems much more dangerous. The words "cooked in peanut oil" now read like something out of a Stephen King book. As if that wasn't enough for one week, we now have to find a new home for our dear and beloved cat, Chumley (who also happens to be T's best friend). When my husband and I first met, he had two kittens and I had, Dostoevsky, the world's most wonderful doberman-boxer mutt. Sadly, the dog and one of the cats have passed on. But eight-year old Chumley is still here and still cuddly - she's great with kids (and other pets), she kills mice, she likes to purr. We love her dearly. She is an inside/outside cat though, and I'm not sure how she'd adapt to being only inside.

Last week, we thought we had a lead on where to take her, but it seems to have fallen through. So PLEASE think about adopting her or PASS THIS NOTE ON to someone who may be interested. The idea of dropping her at a shelter (even a no kill shelter) is breaking my heart. But in the meantime, P continues to have "breathing problems" so something has to be done.

Have a great weekend everyone!


*I have a crush on this apartment. A big crush.

*Etsy has a tumblr? How did I not know about this. Tons of fun stuff.

*I love this purse. I've been debating whether or not to buy it for months now.
Ugh, indecision.

*I love these boys' shirts. I bought a few for T a while ago, he likes to "dress up" sometimes.



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