Things to Do - Project 52, Weeks 43 & 44

Happy January! So odd to start school and then have a snow day almost immediately. But honestly, we all needed a day of relaxation.

Winter break was good but full - we drove to Chicago to visit my mom for Christmas (so much cold!) and spent a day in the city with her at the Museum of Contemporary Art and then the whole family saw Hamilton, the musical, together (which, I must admit, was crazy good).

After we drove back to VA, Dan's parents watched our kids in Richmond so we could escape to our favorite bed and breakfast in Charlottesville for a night (love the Clifton Inn). And then we hosted a huge disaster of a NYE party - full of fights, fireworks, and Fireball - and I learned that in the dead of winter my house can't really accommodate 60+ people.

Then the kids went back and school and I started working at the preschool again (just one day a week because little kids are crazy fun).

Anyways, snow day = awesomeness.

Regarding Project 52, I know it's already 2018 and I'm still posting photos from October 2017, but I'm trying to finish up and move onto the new year, though it is sort of nice and look back and old moments you'd forgotten about.

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(1) Our road trip to Storm King Art Center in NY - this is from our first day there. In retrospect, I should have made this our Christmas card photo. Oh well, hindsight is everything.
(2) Contemplating Nam June Paik at Storm King.
(3) F and leaf.
(4) Love this photo (basically I love Storm King).
(5) Hotel pool happiness.
(6) Storm King, day 2 - meeting up with my friend Jenny and her family.
(7) Kid togetherness.
(8) I love watching my kids play with younger kids.
(9) We returned from Storm King on Friday afternoon, went to a concert on Friday night (the Head and the Heart, so so good), and then left Saturday afternoon for camping at Shenandoah River State Park.
(10) Camping.

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(1) Leaving the campground at Shenandoah River State Park on a very rainy Sunday morning.
(2) P and her friends dressed as 80s' girls for Halloween, which involved a lot of early morning hair crimping.
(3) Just some of the trick or treating group.
(4) T on Halloween.
(5) P at her last grade school Halloween parade (it all goes by so fast)!
(6) F and Happy, bonding in the hallway.
(7) I took T and two of his best friends to dinner at Silver Diner. Three boys = a lot of energy.


  1. you are a brave brave brave soul. i'm afraid to let more than 3 or 4 people into my house at one time ha ha ha! happy new year!

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