Things to Do - Grow


Every spring I plant a container garden full of herbs and tomatoes, sometimes peppers. In the past I never bought seeds because our old house didn't have enough light for plants to grow. But now we have quite a bit. I asked Dan to go to the store for seeds and he came home with cantaloupe, squash, sunflowers, beans, etc. So I guess our garden will be a little more ambitious this year. Ideally, we'd love raised beds in the yard, but we never find the time to put some together (I know the time exists, we just need to figure out where it goes and reroute it a little).

Every year, I try to interest the kids in our small garden, some years more successfully than others. This year, I bought garden pot craft kits from Oriental Trading Company hoping that "crafting" would pique their interest in gardening. Unfortunately, when I purchased the kit I didn't notice that the foam shapes weren't stickers, so we had to glue everything on, which became a messy failed task. Oh well, at least I succeeded in involving the kids in planting. Now they can't get enough. Right after waking up, F runs to the window and waters everything, then we discuss what has grown and how fast. And how many plants we'll soon have. Too many maybe.

Happy last day of winter everyone.


*Love this house. especially the reds everywhere.

*Canstruction - what a cool charity idea (plus the pictures are so fun to look at).

*These underwater sculptures are breathtaking. Especially the man watching tv.

*10 photos of Singapore.

*Collect moments, not things.



  1. Gardening is very good for children! They learn where food comes from and they taste good food!

  2. I wish you good luck with the garden! As a kid we had a quite big vegetable garden and I loved to "hel" my mother- means that I loved to eat the strawberries and carrots and other stuff straight from the bush/ soil...
    I hope we will manage to make raised beds this year. The seeds are planted and growing... and I would love to have rare/ special kinds of vegetables...



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