Things to Do - Grateful List (February 2012)


1. The Electric Company
2. The Great Oasis article in The December 19 & 26, 201l New Yorker
4. SciGirls
5. Listening to Velocity Girl again (flashback)
6. Cosmic Collisions planetarium show at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (National mall location)
7. Big Band radio on Pandora
8. My Trying to Figure It Out mixtape on Spotify
9. A Separation (movie)

10. Slow cooker chicken with tomatillos, potatoes, jalapenos, and fresh herbs from Rick Bayless' Mexican Everyday
11. Chili (with chocolate) on baked potatoes
12. Flatbread with salami, pesto, and ricotta
13. Family dinnertime and talking about everybody's day
14. Veedma Douro red wine, 2008 (only $15 at Twisted Vines wine bar and so so yummy)
15. Bees N' Blossoms spiced cream honey

16. A morning at Gulf Branch nature center with T (frog class, canoe time, and exploring outside)
17. A family morning at the Air & Space Museum (National mall location)
18. Attending a geocaching workshop at Longbranch Nature Center with F
19. The playground after school
20. Date night at Twisted Vines (I finally got some time with my husband!!!)
21. Amazing seats at a Capitals game, with a great win in overtime


22. Seven great movies on VHS from our neighbors (including Toy Story 2, Muppets in Space, Babe, and Madeline) - I love our VCR.


23. A 65 degree day on the first of the month
24. P and her friend, C, walking home from school swinging P's American Girl Doll, Jewel, between them
26. "Mommy, you look pretty today" - T while we walked F to school
27. P's preschool conference (my daughter talks about gay marriage and happy chickens at school)
27. The girls' dancing to Madonna's half-time show during the superbowl (she really is timeless)
28. F's fear of swimming and the fact that she tries so hard every week at lessons
29. P and L's friendship (so nice to have a best friend down the block)
30. T always wearing his "life jacket" (aka vest)
31. F's first art show (her artwork was picked to represent her grade school at the county art show)
32. P and Julian making a "turtle bed" after school in the field
33. P and P's PJ playdate (when I told them they were too young to have a sleepover, they decided to put on PJs and have a pajama playdate)
34. 3 MNOs in a row - I LOVE my preschool friends, my playgroup friends, and my blog friends (Not-So-SAHM, KidFriendly DC, Constance Reader's Guide to Throwing Books With Great Force, and But I Have A Law Degree) - feel so lucky to have so many wonderful moms in my life
35. F's excitement about the solar system
36. Dan and his dad installing our bookshelves in the living room and letting T help "I'm so happy, are you happy daddy?"
37. Jill Kahn from Smith and Noble's free in-home window consultation - so so helpful, no hard sell
38. T rocking his first dentist appointment, especially after he arranged all the chairs in the waiting room and invited everyone there to a "partypooloza" which involved dancing to no music

39. Auntie Laurie visiting and P trying on her jeans
40. T playing with all the older boys at Molly's Mardi Gras Party
41. F - "mommy, i love you as much as numbers because the numbers never end"
42. P - "F, you are not the boss of me, i can do what i want, i can play messy" (little sister is no longer a pushover, watch out world!)
43. 7000 pageviews in month (I'm growing, I'm growing, thanks to all of you for reading).


F - my family, P, art, Valentine's Day, flowers, the 100th day of school, princess isabella stories, maths, science, packages from grandma T, grandma M visiting, my new pink flower light, my astronaut Barbie, my glow-in-the-dark planet stickers

P - my family, dollies, "everything in our house", art projects at school, American Girl dolls, flowers, Valentine's Day, the playseum, playdates with my friend P, books, crafts, headbands, swings

T - good guys, bad guys, daddy home, grandpa, auntie laurie, the airplane museum, my family, mamas


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