Places to Go - Boat Rides from Georgetown Harbor and the Waterfront Park (Washington DC)


For the last few weeks, T kept insisting that he wanted to go on a boat ride. Peak cherry blossom season seemed like the perfect time to hit the water. So we headed over to Georgetown Harbor, where Potomac Riverboat Company offers lunchtime cherry blossom cruises from 9:30 - 1:30 every hour on the half-hour (click here for schedule). Unfortunately, last week Potomac Riverboat only ran weekend cruises (they now run daily). Luckily, right as we arrived another tour boat was departing, so we managed to find some seats and settle in for a 45 minute cruise of the Potomac.

As soon as we "set sail" (do you still say that when there isn't a sail?) T became really scared about the proximity of water and refused to leave my lap. P and her good friend, C, however, fell in love with the boat. They found seats in the front and pointed at everything they could find. I love hearing conversations along the lines of:

"see that! I've been there! that's where lincoln lives."
"lincoln doesn't live there, he died."
"I know he's dead. But big lincoln is there. He freed the slaves."
"Slavery was really bad. I know. My mom told me."
"i would never want slaves. only bad people have slaves. I want servants."
"People who have servants are rich and good. i want to be rich and good. like a princess."
Then T intervenes:
"I sleeves. Look!"
"No, T not sleeves, slaves!"
"Sleeves keep arms warm. Warm arms."
"My little brother is such a baby, he doesn't know what slaves are."
"I BIG BOY! I Not BABY!! I wear undies. I big boy."
T then tries to take off his pants and show the boat his undies.

Eventually, probably due to conversations like the one above, T loosened up a little. During the final 10 minutes he said boat rides were the "best thing ever." And almost cried when we had to get off. So now he wants to go on another boat and I'm sure this process will repeat itself. Like groundhog day.

As for me, there's something so relaxing about 45 minutes on the water. Like a mini-vacation with kids. Plus, I love seeing all the random bridges of DC. Our cruise cost $14 for me and $7 for the girls (T was free). Nobody else on the boat had children with them, which surprised me somewhat as I like to spend time with my kids in beautiful contained environments. The boat had a bathroom and snacks for sale.


I was a little nervous that my kids would annoy everyone on the boat. But a woman walked by to tell me I had "a wonderful family and such well-behaved children." Moments like this are always random, as my kids act unpredictably in public. Still such compliments always make me feel really good (even though one of the children wasn't mine). Especially when I'm wearing old sweatpants and feeling discombobulated in general.



Lately, construction goggles and T's "pink sheet" come with us everywhere. It's important to be prepared (for what? I have no idea).


After the boat ride, we went for a run/walk/dance along Georgetown's new waterfront park. Have you been yet? This place is gorgeous. And they have these huge steps you can climb that lead right to the water. Also a great place for meeting a friendly duck or two. By the way, T's taken to wearing pj shorts everywhere lately. I've lost the battle.


Lots of dancing. No music needed. The boat in the background is the one we took for the cherry blossom cruise.




  1. This is such a great idea, just like the the one yo had for the Natl Harbor-Old Town water taxi you had awhile back. And love the convo among the kids - hilarious!

  2. ps - just read my typo-laden comment. should refrain commenting before 8am!

  3. we just did this this past weekend, too! even in the rain, it was a good time.



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