Things to Make - Milk Carton Rocketships


Since F is so curious about outer space, I thought we could make rockets (maybe something like this). But as soon as I mentioned the project to F she said "thank you, mommy, thank you. Barbie really needs a rocketship." Not exactly what I had in mind, but I went with it.

For the body of the rocketship, I wrapped old milk cartons in colored construction paper and cut a huge hole in the bottom (for Barbie to enter). I wanted to make a window, but found it difficult to cut into the milk carton. For the rocket-top, I used a bowl to trace a circle onto butcher paper. Then I cut the circle in half and taped the ends together. Each kid decorated their rocket with stickers and markers. Then they found dolls and zoomed throughout the house. A good way to spend an afternoon.

On the downside, Barbie's feet stick out the bottom. But at least I tried. Any other ideas on how to make a rocketship for Barbie?


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