Things to Do - 11 Questions (and some spring photos)


11 questions. Someone tagged Erika Ray Photography and rather then tag individual bloggers she opened it up to whoever wants to play. And since I love stuff like this, I jumped right in. So here goes:

a. What's your middle name and why is it your middle name?

Ann. Just because it sounded good next to Darcy. It has no real significance. Other than my initials come together to make an almost-word - DAT. How cool is DAT?
If I ever change my name I'll be DAM, which is probably more appropriate for me.

b. What's your actual favorite tv show? Not the one you think is good, but the tv show you watch when you're sick/alone/happy/private.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I always watch by myself because Dan can't stand to even be in the same room when it's on. I also really like Mad Men (though I still haven't watched the season opener, so no spoilers please).

c. Greatest worry for the future.

Global warming (on the macro level) and cancer (on the micro level)

d. Greatest anger about your sex. What pisses you off the most about being a woman/man?

The mommy wars. I hate them. I worked until F was 2.5 so I've seen that side of the coin. Being a mom is hard, whether you work outside the home or not. Really. I hate that we all can't get along. I also hate the mommy obsession with "stuff." That people care what stroller you own, or whether you bjorn vs. ergo. I hate that we let our possessions define us.

e. Most irritating thing people commonly say? ("At least it's a job" after you complain about being overworked)

How busy they always are. Saying you're not busy is like saying you're a loser. So everyone also competes to see who is really the busiest. It makes me sad.

f. What's one trend in photography you wish would go away for good?

Babies in baskets.

g. What makes you cringe about humanity? For example: you're in a grocery store and you just saw another human do XYZ and it pissed you off. What is it?

This is sort of a small thing, but I hate that we always say need when we really mean want. As in "I NEED a bigger house." "I NEED a night off." "I NEED wine." (okay, so the last one I say all the time). These aren't needs, these are wants. There's a difference.

h.You get one night alone in a hotel. What would you do with those hours?

Honestly, probably flip through the channels and watch a bunch of tv. Order room service. Maybe watch a whole movie. Read a book, but I can do that anywhere. Trash tv is hard to watch when you have kids during the day and a husband who hates trash tv during the night, so eating room service and watching MTV is very tempting. If I had a laptop I'd photoshop. Or just surf the web.

i. What's the one thing life hasn't lived up to? You thought as a fourth grader life would be completely different. Tell me those difference.

I thought I'd have a career. An established career. I didn't think being a parent would be so hard. I thought I'd look better/dress better/be skinnier.

j. You get to make your funeral play list. Tell me your top 3 songs.

(1) This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody), Talking Heads
(2) Long Time Ago, Concrete Blond
(3) To the Dogs or Whoever, Josh Ritter

k. Who do you stalk on Facebook? Old loves? Your pediatrician? Co-workers? Scratch that... Tell me who your "friend" stalks on FB.

Pretty much everybody. I love seeing how different people live their lives.

Okay, now my turn, here are my 11 questions for all of you. To play along either post answers in the comments (or link to your blog) or on my facebook page. Feel free to answer all the questions or just a few. Please play!! It would be great to get to know some/all/most of you.

1. What is your favorite children's book?
2. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
3. What is the best advice you've ever been given?
4. Name your top 3 favorite POP songs ever. Yes, I said POP.
5. Who was your celebrity childhood crush?
6. What is your least favorite part of your daily routine? Favorite part?
7. What did you always promise yourself you'd never do as a parent?
8. Biggest risk you've taken.
9. Most irritating thing people commonly say.
10. What are you reading?
11. Best movie you've seen lately (as I'm nervous everyone will reply with the Hunger Games, maybe list two of the best movies you've seen lately).

And I'm also tagging the following 11 bloggers, hoping they'll join in.

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  1. I answered- go and take a look, if you like...
    Is that a cherry tree in your garden? Looks very nice with the blossom...

  2. Thanks for tagging me - I answered in today's post!

  3. I promise I will do this! We were just about to head out of town when you tagged me, but now that we're back, I'll get to it... soon. :)



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