Things to Do - Celebrate Summer's End


It seems somehow wrong to celebrate the end of summer, but the last few months have just exhausted me to the point that I'm more than ready to say goodbye to it all - heat, lazy days, pools (especially pools), etc.

Originally, I had planned on all three kids attending camp throughout June, but when T ended up on the waitlist I decided to keep everyone home all summer and use the money we set aside for camp to vacation and travel (camp is SO expensive). Logically, this decision still makes sense to me - I like my kids, I like to go new places, so why not spend a whole summer bonding like crazy? But I underestimated how much space and scheduling we all need. And I overestimated my own limits as a mother, just because you love three little people to the depths of your soul (whatever that means) doesn't mean you don't need some time away from them (or so I've learned).

Anyways, I'm tired. This summer made me tired. It was fun. And beautiful. We saw and did some amazing stuff. We visited with truly amazing people. We learned a lot about each other. We also fought and bickered and exhausted ourselves.

So i'm quite happy that fall has finally arrived, along with school and schedules and FOUR MORNINGS A WEEK to myself (that seems crazy just to write) and warm sweaters and crisp nights and apples and all of it. I'm happy for all of it right now.


Regarding our summer, here are the stats (feel free to ignore this part, I just need lists of everything, it's a weird obsession i have).

*Approximate Number of Vacation Miles logged in the minivan: 3550

*States Traveled to: West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Washington DC

Number of Activities Accomplished Off My Summer List - 16 out of 18 categories (we didn't go camping - sadness - or to a waterpark (I'm okay with missing this one).

Where we did go (from the summer list):

I. Ride a carousel - The National Mall (Washington DC); Buffalo Zoo (NY); The Please Touch Museum (PA); The National Museum of Play (NY)

II - Play in a children's garden - US Botanic Gardens (Washington DC); Buffalo Botanic Gardens (NY)

III - Spend a day on the farm - Claude Moore Colonial Farm (VA); Butler's Orchard (MD)

IV - Hike to a waterfall - Niagara Falls (Canada) (not sure if this counts as "hiking" but I'm going with it)

V - Stay out late - Dusk at the CN Tower (Canada)

VI - Attend a free summer concert - Yards Park (Washington DC); Bon Jovi cover band at Pentagon City (Arlington)

VII - Ride on a paddleboat - Snowshoe, WV

VIII - Go camping - FAIL!!!

IX - Spend a day on the water - Georgetown Harbor Boat Ride (Washington DC); Mt Vernon Boat Ride (VA)

X - Learn something new - Fish on the Potomac at the NCM's Launch Zone (MD); Stories in Art at the National Gallery (Washington DC)

XI - Take a train ride - Sauder Village (Ohio); Centreville Amusement Park (Toronto)

XII - Frolic at a splashpark - Rustico Spraypark (Arlington); Millennium Park (Chicago)

XIII - Explore a new playground - Madison Manor (Arlington); Bluemont Park (Arlington); Chessie's Big Backyard (Franconia); Jones Point Park (Alexandria)

XIV - Get up early - Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens (Washington DC)

XV - Spend a day at a waterpark - FAIL!!!

XVI - Catch a game - Nats vs. Mets, we won 2 to 5 after a 2.5 hour rain delay

XVII - Visit a butterfly garden - National Zoo (Washington DC); Smithsonian Natural History Museum (Washington DC)

XVIII - See a movie - Brave; the Lorax; Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days


F's wearing a sweater and P's wearing a sundress with sandals, so our fall begins . . .

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  1. OK you need to put your "fails" on a next year list. 16 out of 18 is an "A" especially if rated on a curve!



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