Things to Make - Paper Spiderwebs

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Lots of Halloween decorating going on over here. The kids keep painting and I keep cutting out spiderwebs, the front of our house sort of looks like a goblin's art studio exploded. As it should (I guess).

Anyways, how to make paper spiderwebs:


Step 1: Fold a piece of paper over to make a large triangle. Cut off the excess strip.

Step 2: Fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.


Step 3: This is the tricky part. Fold the sides of the triangle over almost like a blanket, so they look like the picture on the above left.

Step 4: Cut off the bottom of the above shape, so you have a triangle.


Step 5: Draw the above design on one side of the triangle.

Step 6: Cut out the blank space.


Step 7: Unfold.

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