Things to Make - Toddler Art - Googly-Eyed Monsters

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On our last trip to the Playseum (have you been yet? we love it there) the art instructor taught us a cool trick - let your toddler (is a 3 year old still considered a toddler?) paint and paint and paint. Once his/her artwork dries bring out some googly eyes (like these) and let your toddler attach them onto his/her artwork. All of a sudden a big blob looks like a creature worthy of framing. Plus, it's a super easy way to have younger children help decorate for Halloween. Monsters everywhere = scary awesomeness.

And for another fun idea regarding "toddler art" - check out this past post on the toddler art hidden picture game.

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE! I hope all of you in the US had a great three day weekend.

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