Things to Make - Toddler-Designed Hidden Pictures


Lately, T can't stop doodling/drawing/writing on anything he can find (yes, this includes walls). I left a pad of decent-quality watercolor paper on the table and within minutes he marked up every page (much to my chagrin). We're going through paper like crazy around here. So the girls and I created a game to make use of T's many beautiful drawings - we search for hidden pictures. Sometimes the girls find things and I color them in and sometimes the girls color things in themselves. It's actually pretty fun and T seems amused by it all.

If you don't have access to a toddler, you could also try a version where you cover your eyes or you cover the kids' eyes and ask them to draw things and then try to find hidden pictures. Or maybe try drawing with your wrong hand. or with your toes. whatever works. basically, just make some scribbles and decode. How fun is that?


I was pretty impressed by F's finds. P went for the landscape route.


Sometimes we don't try to find anything at all, we just color in the lines - like a coloring book.


  1. Brilliant!! What a creative and original idea! The last one is just beautiful, by the way.

  2. ...walls with permanent markers, crayons of the back of car seat, marker on new Cristmas doll... don't you just love it? NOT!



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