Things to Do - Grateful List (November 2012)

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(Dan made P's birthday cake and it was YUMMY!)

* Attending Columbia Pike Artists' Studio night with Kelly and Allegra (and drinks afterwards at Twisted Vines)
* Reading the Washington Insider and Atonement articles in the October 29, 2012 New Yorker
* Watching Argo
* Watching Sing and Shine Around the Globe at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage (part of the Kids Eurofest)
* Watching (obsessively) Puberty Blues on youtube
* Reading Playboy's interview with Stephen Colbert (love him)
* Listening to the Drums self-titled album
* Watching If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front (Netflix on Demand)

* Butternut squash and bacon pasta (Cooking Light)
* Cava tzatziki with coco wheat pop cakes (from Whole Foods)
* Eggplant mykonos (Moosewood Cooks at Home)

* A brisk morning at Theodore Roosevelt Island with T and Coco
* The Within These Walls historic house exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of American History
* National Geographic Museum's Birds of Flight and 1001 Inventions exhibits
* Riverside Park in Alexandria and the fitness trail (F loved it)
* MD Science Museum's new space exhibit
* The Building Museum's new Work, Play, Build exhibit
* A perfect last day of November with T on the National Mall - trains and jungles (at the US Botanical Gardens), explosions (at the Sackler Gallery), and a carousel

* Our miniature Xmas tree lighting up the house

* F's science party for her 7th birthday
* Voting with the girls (luckily we waited - 1 hour- with friends), the girls wore their Obama buttons for the occasion
* "Maybe I'll invent the word funner, because use it all the time and 'more fun' just doesn't sound very good." - P
* Playing Dr. Seuss's Super Stretch ABCs
* A 70 degree day in November
* "Mom, I think I'm finally starting to appreciate sophisticated humor" (aka sarcasm) - F
* "Mom, I have to attack Coco because that's how I hug her" - T
* "P, stop making fun of T. When you were his age you were going through a metamorphosis too." - F
* F waking up early on P's birthday to surprise her by decorating our kitchen
* "F, why do you and your friend, M, fight so much?" - P; " I don't know, maybe the gods are against us." - F
* Our new bathroom photo gallery
* "Mom, Ironman must be a red coat because he wears so much red." - T
* Drinks with Cathi and Beth at Fuego in Clarendon
* Dinner with Shannon and her sister at Zaytinya (love those cucumber drinks)
* T asking, "mom, I want to be a musketeer when I grow up, can boys be musketeers too?" (after watching Barbie and the Three Musketeers)
* "When I'm an adult, like 20 or 30, I'm going to learn how to make great dinners like dadddy. And mom's going to teach me how to make macaroni and cheese from a box." - F
* "Dad, why you working?" - T; "Well, I need to work so we'll have money" - Dan; "But how you get the money out of the computer?" - T
* T always walking around with a sword stuck down his pants
* Attending It's Academic night at the girls' school


F - my family, that we live in a nice house and have food to eat, art, Cybil Lily, Coco, holidays, my American Girl dolls, reading, books, bringing Cybil Lily to school with me

P - Natalia, my family, dollies, that we're going to Disneyworld, my birthday, turning six, my monster dolls, Dr. Seuss ABCs, the doctor saying I can play and take PE, Coco, books, going to the library, going to It's Academic Night

T - Natalia, pink sheet, my family, Coco, that we go to the science museum, that we watch a movie on the ceiling [i.e. the planetarium], building stuff [at the Building Museum], that we go to the library, that we play games [at It's Academic Night]

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  1. I love your lists. And I love those cucumber drinks too! Lets get those again after the holidays. :)



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