Things to Make - Santa's Beard Advent Calendar

(Can you tell which Santa T painted?)

When the girls still attended preschool every year they'd come home with some sort of Christmas countdown project - usually a paper chain that required us to tear off a link a day. And every year I'd fail to keep up with it. But last year at preschool P decorated a large Santa and came home with a plastic baggie full of cotton balls, all we had to do was tape one on every day until Xmas. And the whole family really enjoyed watching the big guy's beard slowly fill up. I think the calendar's success comes from the fact that you're always adding something rather than taking something away.

Anyways, this year I decided to have the kids create their own (somewhat generic) versions. I found free Santa coloring pages online and counted out 24 cotton balls into each of three bags. Just add Christmas paint and scotch tape, then the countdown begins. Easy peasy. (And thank you to Ms. Zito, for the FABULOUS idea).


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