Things to Do - Christmas 2012


We spent the days leading up to Christmas at the house of Dan's parents outside of Richmond. In the mornings we'd lounge about - reading on the couch and playing games of Dominion. Then in the afternoons everyone "dressed up" for various special events - the Nutcracker, Madeline's Christmas, and Unitarian church, after which we'd return for huge dinner feasts. The cousins played and played while the adults drank wine and champagne - a wonderful way to spend some time. These last few weeks I've felt incredibly grateful for everything in my life.


Dan's mom wasn't exactly thrilled about Coco's visit, but luckily the dog behaved wonderfully and our extended family is starting to adjust to their newest relative.


All T wanted for Christmas was a musketeer costume. It all started when the girls forced him to watch Barbie and the Three Musketeers (it's hard to be a baby brother), then we finally bought him Mickey and the Three Musketeers (movie and book) and now he's somewhat obsessed. At least the outfit is adorable, especially when he wears the hat.


The greatest gift of all!

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