Things to Do - Let Six Year Olds Determine Your New Year's Resolution

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The other day, on a car ride home from the Building Museum, one of P's friends, L, announced (in that random way 6 year olds have of just telling you information for no particular reason), "my older sister is skinny and I'm not." This, of course, broke my heart. The girl's sister is one of those tall lanky kids, whom everybody will probably call beanpole for a few years before her supermodel career begins, whereas P's friend is of average size, not too big and not too small, 100% adorable.

I yelled from the front seat, "but L, you look great." And L yelled back, "Of course, I look great, I'm healthy. I just don't look like my sister" (which is true).

The three girls then preceded to have a conversation about what it means to be skinny. F proclaimed that, like L, she is healthy, but not skinny (which is true). Then they discussed our dog's thinness, (sometimes you can see her ribs) even though she eats all the time.

Sheepishly, P stated "you guys, I think I am sort of skinny, but that's okay, right?" L and F contemplated and then asked me "there's nothing wrong with being skinny, is there? As long as you're healthy?"

"Of course", I replied.

Basically this whole conversation, yet again, taught me how much I can learn from my children and their friends. Whereas I see "skinny" as a magic word - one that makes me both jealous and insecure, the girls see it only as an adjective.

So, since it's a whole new year, rather then list a ton of resolutions that I'll fail to accomplish, I'm going to try and stick to one simple goal - healthiness. I'm not sure exactly what this means, but I know it means less time on the scale counting calories and more time evaluating my general happiness and well-being. Less time looking at the food info on the back of boxes and more time making meals using farmer's quality ingredients. More time at yoga and less guilt over my cookie-eating habit.

We will see how this turns out. Or maybe we won't see. Because I will be spending less time evaluating myself and more time appreciating myself. Thus, I may be gigantic by December and if so, then I will try a new experiment next year - probably one that involves "skinniness."

What about everyone else? Any goals?

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