Places to Go - Azaleas at the National Arboretum (Washington DC)


Sometimes I think I should use this blog to promote myself more, become a real photographer with a website and client specials, rather than rely on word of mouth. But the trouble is that sometimes really fun stuff happens around noon on a sunny day. Stuff you want to record and remember.

Last week, one of my best friends came to town with her absolute gorgeous 18 month old daughter. After a cloudy morning (photographers LOVE mid-day clouds), we decided to head to the National Arboretum to check out the azalea gardens (which are amazing this time of year). And then the sun came out. Everywhere. Causing bright, dappled, awful light to fill my camera. Plus, we had to bring the dog with, as she's destroyed half-my house lately and I'm scared to leave her alone (the problem with adopting a 5 year old boxer? crazy dog anxiety). So I tried to take pictures of a toddler and preschooler while having a 55 pound boxer drag me around.

Basically, bright noon light + crazy leashed dog + a green color cast everywhere = crappy pictures. These are the only salvageable shots (so sorry for the lack of actual flower pictures). But, for better or worse, this isn't a photography blog (I'm much more random than that). And this was a wonderful moment with three of my favorite people - we saw multiple frogs, and listened to them croak (a sound that fascinated all - ages 18 months to 37 years). Plus, I love to post on places to go and in spring, once the cherry blossoms are gone, there are few sights in the area that are this beautiful.

So hurry up and check out the azaleas. Meander through the flowers. Feel the beauty of nature. Hopefully take pictures better than mine. But go soon, due to the sequester, beginning next week, the National Arboretum will be CLOSING ITS GROUNDS TUESDAY THROUGH THURSDAY. So no more weekday picnics and awesomeness. In addition, the National Arb will reinstate recovery of user fees (janitorial, security, staffing) and space rental charges for use of space by outside organizations in the recently renovated Administration and Visitor Services Building and in selected gardens.


Frogs! Who doesn't love frogs?

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  1. I hear you on the high noon thing! I try really hard to schedule our playdates for the golden hour but nobody else is on board. Stupid dinnertime.



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