Places to Go (Vacation) - Dolphin Sighting on Barrier Island Eco Tours (Charleston, SC)


One of the highlights of our week in Charleston was an evening on the water with Barrier Island Eco Tours. A month or so ago, we watched the movie Blackfish for family movie night and since then my kids can't stop talking about the horrors of Seaworld's orca program, so I wanted my kids to see marine mammals in their natural environment. Plus who doesn't love a boat ride?

Anyways, the tour was all sorts of awesome - we learned about crabs, shells, dolphins, and the intracoastal waterway. While we didn't see many dolphins up close (they don't jump as much in the wild as like they do at the aquarium) we saw several from afar. Plus, we walked on a beautiful island (named "Bone-yard beach" because the high rate of erosion has caused so many of the palm trees to fall) and watched a sunset. A perfect night.


My friend Laurie is 7 months pregnant with twins, doesn't she look amazing?


Bone-yard beach. My kids find it impossible to keep their feet out of the water.


Balancing on old trees.


Sunset and ghost crabs = a perfect vacation night.

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