Things to Do - Thinkfun Games Review and GIVEAWAY!!


Our friends at Thinkfun gave us three of their new games to check out, all of which provided some much needed entertainment during thes cold days of sprinter (spring/winter).

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We keep this game on the kitchen table and throughout any given day you'll see some member of our family playing it. The premise is simple enough - you arrange the little frog "hoppers" as displayed on the game card (cards range from easy to "super hard"). You then hop frog over frog until (ideally) only one frog remains.

I use Hoppers as a nice, short stress reliever during the day (probably because, sometimes, I need to win something). The kids enjoy it too, as even the most challenging puzzles becomes doable once you figure out your previous mistakes. Plus, I love the game's self-contained carrying case - making it perfect for car trips.


Last Letter

The girls are obsessed with this multi-player game (they often bring it out on playdates). First each player receives 5 cards. In the center, a "starting" card is displayed, someone calls out one of the objects or actions on the card and then everyone must find on one of their own cards an object or action whose name starts with the last letter of the previous named word. So if someone yells skateboarder, the next thing named must start with R. The first player to discard all of their cards wins.

I like that the cards contain funny cartoons full of crazy scenarios (all very different). Last Letter is a great before bed activity, as the gameplay moves along quickly. Plus, it helps with spelling skills (make sure to review words that begin with E because that silent e at the end of words comes up over and over again).


Square By Square

This game seems easy enough - you arrange the blocks (onto a contained game space) to duplicate one of the pictures displayed on the various cards. But, if you ask me, even the easy ones are somewhat challenging (I always end up with one block that doesn't fit). Oh well, frustration can be good. And it keeps the kids entertained while I make dinner (plus, once you can't take it anymore, the back of each card details the puzzle's solution).

Thinkfun will give away one of their new release games to a lucky reader, you can choose from the three games reviewed above or any of the other wonderful selections detailed here. Just enter below to win!

[NOTE - You can enter through the giveaway gadget at the bottom of this post OR by commenting to this post, but if you comment, please leave an email in the body of the message so I can get in touch with you. Thanks!]

Happy Monday everyone!!

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  1. I would like to win the Square By Square game. My little Jacob will love it!

  2. The Square By Square looks interesting- but also Hoppers. I used to have a game similar to the above Hoppers- but with only one setting. I never managed it.

  3. I've been wanting to try Word A Round for a while now!

  4. I would to win last letters! Sounds like fun. They have great games.

  5. Hoppers would be great for my classroom!

  6. robot turtles looks cute too!



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