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A car hit Coco on Tuesday night. It was pouring rain as we walked next to a busy-ish street, with me hurrying to reach 12,000 steps before midnight (love my Fitbit). Both dogs saw a rabbit, I accidentally dropped the leash, and within seconds Coco ran in front of a speeding car. The sound. Oh, the sound.

She made it home in once piece, but limping and bleeding from several places. Dan thought we should keep her here for the night and decide in the morning whether to take her to the hospital. But I couldn't get the sound out of my head, so we wrapped Coco in blankets and I drove to the emergency hospital.

Turns out she's fine. Beaten up, but fine. And now after Xrays and various tests we're down $2200. Vacation money. New lens money. Money we could use. F**ing rabbit.

When we adopted Coco, 1.5 years ago, she was an older dog and I thought this would work in our favor (no teething stage, no potty training, etc.). But she has proven herself to be a rather challenging pet. Coco destroyed my Crate & Barrel couch (purchased with my last ever law firm paycheck), along with several pillow and TWO floor rugs. She has also gone through hundreds (thousands?) of dollars worth of shoes, toys, lunchboxes, backpacks, and everyday items. She can escape from most crates, even when we've used carabiners to reinforce them. She figured out how to climb our six foot fence. She is, by far, my most difficult "child".

So as I sat in the emergency room at 1 am, at first crying out of fear, and then later, once her diagnosis turned optimistic, lamenting the loss of A LOT of money, I kept thinking of the picture above (taken just a few days before). Because for all of Coco's problems, she really is T's best friend. They're inseparable. Some days Coco takes on the role of T's super hero sidekick, attacking bad guys and saving castles. Other days, T forces her to walk planks and suffer other random humiliations, often requiring costumes. And she does it all, without even the hint of a growl.

So basically, I'm really glad she's okay.

Happy Weekend everyone. Don't forget to check out Cherish This Day for some beautiful Friday eye candy.


* The stereotype map of every US state. Yup.

* 10 green detox drinks. I know, I know, I'm on the green bandwagon now, but they really are SO good.

* Environmentally Unfriendly Materials Recycled Into Works of Art. Oh, I so want to see the styrofoam cup sculpture.

* Wooden spoon dolls. These are so cute.

* 15 science experiments you can do with your kids.

* I love these trinket dishes for Mother's Day.

* A city of contrasts. Beautiful.


  1. So glad his sweet sidekick is okay! <3

  2. So cute image and your pp adds so much to it!!!!

  3. oh WOW. I'm glad your pet is ok. SO so sorry for all the headaches -- my daughter wants a dog so badly and to say we are dragging our heels would be an understatement.....

  4. What an adorable pair! I'm so glad she's ok!

  5. I'm SO glad she's OK. They are the most lovable pain in the ass children and I wouldn't trade our boxer for anything!



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