Things to Do - Somersault Snacks GIVEAWAY!!

somersault (1 of 2)

somersault (2 of 2)

For our trip to Charleston, Somersault Snack Company sent some yummy snacks to keep hunger at bay while on the road. I'm by no means a health food expert, but I was pretty impressed by the nutritional info, "[s]omersaults are a good source of fiber, vitamin E and offer you the same protein as almonds, but with fewer calories and less fat." Still not convinced? Check out their snack compare chart.

As an added bonus, NONE of Somersault's offerings contain peanuts, making it a great choice for an allergy family like our's.

But most importantly, my kids really liked them. All three kids. Sort of miraculous really.

If you're interested in trying some yourself, Somersault will provide one lucky reader with a free sample pack, a lip balm and a pedometer (US residents only please). To enter, just use the rafflecopter gadet below.


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  1. My favorite snack is hummus and pita chips.

  2. My favorite go to snack is fruit salad especially when someone else is cutting the fruit.

  3. I love crunchy snacks like nuts, chips, and veggies with hummus.



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