Places to Go (Vacation) - A Mellower Outer Banks (i.e. Vacation, Part II) & Random Links


The second half of our Outer Banks vacation proved much more mellow then the first half. Due to jobs, sports, school, SOLs and various other commitments everyone else in the big group left on the Tuesday following Memorial Day. In contrast to our friends, we decided to keep the kids out of school and stay for the rest of the week - after all, Dan can (sometimes) telecommute. We invited some good friends to join us and thus began a few days of complete relaxation. The kids painted seashells and played German Shephard-opoly (seriously is there any noun (as in ANY NOUN??) that hasn't become a version of Monopoly?). F said "wow, this used to seem like a small house and now it's a MANSION." To prove her statement the girls slept in different bedrooms every night.

After Wednesday, outdoor temps cooled considerably (though the ocean actually became warmer). I read books and searched for seashells. My friend Julia made us a fabulous pasta dinner. It felt like an entirely different vacation, which made for a wonderful week. It was hard to leave. So. So. Hard.

Don't forget to check out this week's fabulous images over at Cherish This Day. HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH EVERYONE!! (Any ideas for kid-appropriate scary movies?)


* I love these tablecloth playhouses, but I think my kids are too old for them now (so sad).

* 5 Great Documentaries. I loved Queen of Versailles, now I need to see the rest.

* The Metropolitan Museum of Art Puts 400,000 High-Res Images Online & Makes Them Free to Use.

* For local folks, KidFriendly DC posted about renting a pontoon boat on the Patuxent, which looks awesome.

*"Artistic" temporary tattoos - part of me thinks, jeez "haven't we upmarketed enough already?" and part of me thinks "they're just so so pretty" (link via A Cup of Jo).


When the days became colder, at first the kids didn't want to swim. But then (of course) they changed their minds.

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