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This week's theme for This Untamed Life is lunchtime, but I'm cheating somewhat by focusing on "brunchtime" (they're practically the same, right?). The pics are from T's end of preschool party, which was super adorable, esp. when all the kids sang together. After 6 consecutive years, it feels so odd to no longer have a child in preschool. Another milestone. Wow how the years do fly.

We will miss this place, esp. the wonderful teachers that made every day a good day. (And, that miraculously, taught a hesitant T his alphabet, as in the sound and shape of every letter. thank you. thank you. thank you.).

Now click on over to This Untamed Life see how everyone else photographed "lunchtime".


* 24 Must-Read Books for Summer 2014.

* Bounce below - trampolines in an underground mine. Anyone want to go to Wales with me?

* Life through the eyes of a war photographer.

* Cutest couple ever.

* I just finished this book and now I NEED to go to the museum (I'm somewhat obsessed with Istanbul these days).


Um, so most moms received cards that said, "I love my mom because she's the best" or "I love my mom because she takes care of me." But T's card proclaimed "I love my mom because she lets me watch tv so much." After the ceremony I said, "but T, I don't even let you watch very much TV." His reply? "But I love you so much when you do."

Why do I even try??

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  1. Hahahahaha! The TV thing sounds so much like something my 8-year-old would say.



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