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Arlington had its first real snow of the season on Tuesday, which seems so mild compared to last year's weeks and weeks of white. The county decided not to cancel school, apparently a bad call as several school bus accidents occurred on the slippery unplowed streets.

As for us, the kids had a fantastic time walking to school while launching snowballs.

Happy weekend everyone!! Don't forget to check out Cherish This Day, there's a huge posts today with lots of incredible images.


* These are probably the most creative and happy photographs I have ever seen. As in EVER. I'm totally in awe.

* Cold weather science projects.

* Winter shandy punch. Now we need to have a party.

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures. There's nothing like snow to make some kids happy :-)
    We have very cold weather here too (well compared to how cold it usually gets here) and it was very close to snowing on the weekend. A hot punch would greatly improve the feeling of being cold all the time. I will try the recipe in your link. At home I make hot apple punch for the kids. They love it.



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