Things to Do - 12 in 12 (January 2015)

Monday, January 12th was a rainy, miserable Monday and I just couldn't muster the energy to photograph anything. So I waited until the 19th (MLK day) to document our day. Plus, by the 19th I was finally walking again (yay!! my broken foot is 85% healed, no more boot for me!!).

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9:30 am - T had a fever for the past four days, but he seems to be on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, all he wants to do is lounge on the couch with the ipad.

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10:00 am - Best friends.

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11:00 am - Grocery shopping completed.


noon - Arrive at the National Zoo. Considering it is January, I assumed we'd have the place to ourselves. But all the good parking lots are full and we have to park in the E lot (i.e. Siberia).

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12:15 pm - Finally make it to the Reptile House.

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12:20 pm - Meet up with our friends.


12:35 pm - Still reptiling.

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1:15 pm - Group shots after our picnic lunch.

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2:00 pm - The kids want to stack and unstack these chairs. Um, yeah . . ?

[head back to our house - Rachel and I catch up while the kids play]

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6:00 pm - Rachel and Scott for dinner. Dan cooks halibut that a friend caught in Alaska. Wow, I'm not usually a fish fan, but this stuff is amazing.

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9:00 pm - Dan knocking down the pieces after my amazing Settlers of Catan victory (see all the white cities? they were mine, all mine, not that I'm gloating or anything).

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9:30 pm - Why are they all in my bed and how do I make them leave?

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