Things to Do - Grateful List (August 2015) & Cherish This Day

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A boy and his dog, HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Don't forget to check out this week's wonderful on Cherish This Day (lots of images today).


* Reading Among the Ten Thousand Things
* Reading Suite Francaise
* Reading Her
* Reading Crazy Rich Asians(guilty pleasure)
* Alpha Rev and Jared and the Mill at Jammin' Java
* Katy Perry's portrait & Revelations in Media Art at the National Portrait Gallery/ Smithsonian American Art Museum (Washington D.C.)
* ANTMAN! (possibly the best action movie ever made)

* Bimibap bowls (F - "wow mom, everyone loves these so much, even T can't stop eating")
* Ami's strombolli

* Lazy days at the pool (we needed this)
* Columbia Pike's new Starbucks
* Great Waves'waterpark on the last day of August (totally empty)
* Watching How to Train Your Dragon II outside at Penrose Square

* Returning from Europe to wine night at Colleen's house and some much needed time with girlfriends
* Morning dog walks
* The constant rotating shift of neighborhood kids at our house
* Accidental happy hours with friends


Smith Mountain Lake (Virginia)

* The kids playing with their cousins all week
* Family games of Settlers of Catan
* Taking the dogs on morning and evening walks through the country
* Swimming at dusk and family jumps off the deck
* F reading everything in sight (including all the old Archie comics)
* Dan's "surprise" birthday party
* "We don't care if you're interested, you're an adult so you at least have to ACT LIKE you're interested." P (to me, of course)
* "Well if they get extra dessert too then we get extra extra dessert." - P
* Our first family drive-in movie (the Man from Uncle), the movie was awful but the experience was awesome
* An easy hike to Turtle Island

Europe(for our Europe trip I decided to make a daily list, because it was a once in a lifetime sort of experience. Wow, that just sounded totally overdramatic).

Day 14 (Rome)

* Forno bakery (in the square by our apartment) for breakfast pastries
* Context tour's Underground Rome Tour (so. so. good.)
* the Pantheon
* Nachos and Hoegarrden for dinner while we watched Australian football at Scholar's Irish Pub (we were all so happy to eat nachos and burgers)
* 8 hours of walking the city (the kids were champs!)
* Dessert and cocktails at Magnolia for our last night in town

Day 15 (Rome to San Sebastian)

* A long (tiring) day of travel that ended with crazy good pinxos at 11:00 (T fell asleep so Dan got us carry out)
* A large quiet apartment with a view
* The scenic train ride from Madrid to San Sebastian (esp. the mountains)
* Amazing sunsets upon arrival in San Sebastian

Day 16 (San Sebastian)

* Morning pastries (seriously, the best yet)
* Mosto - red wine and beer
* The world's largest Zara (according to our landlord)
* T's excitement over a new castle to visit
* A walk on the beach at night before the storm came in
* T putting himself to bed every night (from exhaustion)
* The lack of selfie sticks in Spain (in Rome they were everywhere)

Day 17 (Rainy day in San Sebastian)

* La Muralla for a late lunch/early dinner and the girls loving their "fancy" meal
* The aquarium's tunnels

Day 18 (San Sebastian to Bilbao)

* A warm morning on the beach
* The scenery on the bus from San Sebastian to Bilbao and listening to Lord Huron on my iphone to block out the noise of P and T fighting
* T's excitement over the "milk" machine
* The view of the cathedral from our apartment
* The kids making us appetizers and bringing them onto the deck
* A whole restaurant of just fries? Yes please.

Day 19 (Bilbao)

* Walking the river (and talking about all the playgrounds along the way)
* Jeff Koons' retrospective and Richard Sera's sculptures at the Guggenheim
* Dan and the kids playing spades at a cafe while they waited for me to finish touring the museum (Dan looked so happy)
* Big and Jaws during "siesta" (yes, we siesta now)
* Homemade dinner on the balcony
* The river playground at dusk

Day 20 (Bilbao to Avila)

* Hotel Garbatros in the "Middle of Nowhere", Spain (esp. the kids playing on the swingset and petting the horses while we drank wine on the porch)
* Sheep, horses, and cows everywhere you look
* Avila's city walls (though it was crazy hot to walk on them)
* Dan mastering a very tricky stick shift

Day 21 (Toledo)

* A lovely morning walk through the country (as we tried to tune out P's constant complaints)
* After an annoying attempt to find our "hidden" hotel, discovering a much needed grocery store
* P and T playing in the pool while F napped

Day 22 (Toledo to Madrid)

* A huge room service breakfast in the morning
* Marzipan
* Madrid airport's Chocolate Factory (with chocolate mustaches!) and play structure by our gate
* At least when they lost my luggage I was wearing my new favorite dress

Day 23 (Disney Paris)

* Alice's Labyrinth and Ratatouille (the ride)
* Azteca - best Mexican food ever, right beneath our apartment


F - Kindles, street performers, Zara, our vacation in Europe, my cousins, my grandparents, the lake house, Happy & Coco

P - the beach, Zara, the museum [Smithsonian American Art], playdates with my friends, Laney, Casey, my friendship bracelet from Casey, our cousins, the lake house, Happy & Coco, Settlers of Catan, that grandpa and I were two moves away from winning Settlers of Catan, swimming, playing Euchre with Grandpa especially when he told me that I'm getting really good

T - going to Cole's house, the movie [Sean of the Sheep] with my friends, the lake house, the boat, Happy & Coco

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