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Just a few pics from our last day in Sala Comacina, Italy. Rather than visit other towns in Lake Como (sorry Bellagio, maybe next time) we spent the whole day lounging around - book reading, (some) napping, and LOTS of swimming. For dinner Dan made a fantastic roasted chicken feast (which was wonderful because the kitchen in our next apartment was too small to cook much). So sad to leave such an incredible place, but so excited for 4 days in Rome.

Happy weekend everyone!! Don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day.


* 46 books to read this fall. YAY!!!

* And while we're on books, I really want to read this. "This, Ferrante seems to say, is what happens in the world of women, and though much of the book is devoted to women’s more frequently discussed problems—such as how they are supposed to go out to work and raise the kids at the same time, and, if they do have work, work they care about, how come this still seems to them secondary to their relationship with a man?—it is the exploration of the women’s mental underworld that makes the book so singular an achievement in feminist literature; indeed, in all literature."

* I just bought this as my new purse/camera bag for fall.

* Yet another reason to visit London. This artwork look awesome!

* Rude Cakes.

* The hidden summer readers of NYC.

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