Things to Read/Make/Eat - The Wilderness Ranger Cookbook


Every spring my goal is camp more often. But then summer comes, bringing pools and heat and lazy, and I lose momentum. Oh well, since it's only April, I'm still dreaming of days spent in the wilderness with family and friends.

One of the problems with camping is I never know quite what to cook, as one can only eat so many hot dogs and smores. So I'm pretty excited about my random library discovery of the Wilderness Ranger Cookbook, which has tons of fun/quirky/creative concoctions.



  1. another one we have found works well is loaded baked potatoes. Bake the potatoes before hand. Then crack them open, load them up, and put them on the fire for everything to heat and get melty. My kids LOVE it and we get very adventurous with toppings (hamburger, hot dog leftovers, brocolli florets, tomatoes, sausage,etc; along with the traditional cheese, bacon, etc)

  2. I WANT THAT COOKBOOK RIGHT NOW!!! I have plans every year forever about camping, but not real camping because I'm a weenie - I mean GLAMPING, and mostly what I want is a fire pit and this kind of camping food. Oh I'm so excited to try and find this!!



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